How Supportive Is Your Relationship?

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    How do you usually feel when you’re around your partner?

    • Happy and relaxed
    • Depends on what we’re doing
    • Neutral
    • Mildly irritated
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    When you tell your partner a story, do they really listen?

    • Yes. Not only do they ask me questions about the story while I’m telling it, but they also remember details from the story later.
    • Yes, most of the time. But if my partner is stressed out about something else, they sometimes don’t listen very carefully to me.
    • My partner says “Yeah” and “Uh-huh” when I talk but doesn’t seem genuinely interested in what I’m saying.
    • No. My partner says that most of my stories are boring.
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    How do you and your partner split up household chores?

    • Since we both work, we split chores 50/50.
    • The partner who doesn’t work does the majority of the chores.
    • I do a lot more chores than my partner does.
    • To get my partner to do anything around the house, I have to nag and nag and nag.
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    Let’s say you just got some good news. Who’s the first person you’re going to call?

    • My partner!
    • My mom. But then I’ll call my partner!
    • My best friend
    • I don’t know. I don’t have a lot of close friends.
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    When you make plans with friends that don’t include your partner, do they get upset?

    • No. They know we shouldn’t spend all our free time together.
    • They’re only annoyed if I don’t tell them about the plans beforehand.
    • They grumble, but I don’t think they actually mind that much.
    • Yes. They say it means that I’m not focused enough on our relationship.
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    Can you tell your partner anything?

    • Of course. Sometimes I even tell them things that are kind of embarrassing.
    • I probably could, but I like to keep some stuff private.
    • I think so? I’m not sure.
    • No. My partner might not respect me if they knew everything about me.
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    Has your partner ever snooped on your phone or computer?

    • No, never!
    • I don’t think so.
    • They did once, but they apologized after I told them how much it bothered me.
    • Yes, unfortunately
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    In your opinion, does your partner genuinely like you as a friend?

    • Yes. We are best friends.
    • I think so. We have a good time hanging out.
    • I’m not sure we’d be friends if we weren’t together.
    • Our connection is mostly physical.
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    How often do you ask your partner questions about their feelings?

    • Daily
    • Whenever they seem down
    • Whenever something really big happens
    • Very rarely
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    Do you and your partner share a similar vision for the future, i.e., marriage and kids?

    • We’ve talked about those issues and are on the same page.
    • Our goals for the future are roughly the same, although we need to discuss what our time frame is.
    • We’ve never talked about that.
    • We don’t see eye to eye on this stuff, but I’m hoping they’ll change their mind.
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    What do you do when your partner wants to vent to you about their job?

    • I say, “Tell me all about it!”
    • I make myself a cup of tea and settle down to listen.
    • I put on a “patient” facial expression and prepare to suffer through it.
    • I say, “Ah geez, right now?”
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    Do you try to like your partner’s friends?

    • Yes. It’s not hard, because my partner has great taste in people.
    • I like some of my partner’s friends (but not others).
    • I make an effort with them, even though they’re not my kind of people.
    • No. They’re all sort of horrible.
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    How often do you do nice things for your partner, such as surprising them with gifts?

    • I try to do little things for my partner all the time.
    • I surprise them with gifts for all the major holidays.
    • If it’s their birthday, I try to treat them to something special.
    • Surprise gifts? Who am I, Santa Claus?
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    Has your partner ever mocked your political opinions?

    • No. We mostly agree about politics.
    • Every once in a while we debate each other, but it’s never meanspirited.
    • They used to, but they stopped doing so at my request.
    • Yes. They think my ideas are really bad.
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    When you’re sick, how does your partner act?

    • They feed me chicken soup, bring me tissues and pamper me!
    • They try to take care of me, even though they’re not good at it.
    • They give me cold medicine and the remote.
    • They ignore me until I’m better again.

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