How well do you know boys? (For Girls)

Knowing boys can be a tedious job at times. However, all of the girls know a thing or two about boys, there are very few who really know how to handle the opposite sex. With our How well do you know boys quiz we aim at exactly letting you know just that.

There’s something about boys that draws me in. Men fascinate me, and not just in the way that I want to shove your boner down my throat right now. I wouldn’t describe myself as one of those girls who doesn’t have any girlfriends; on the contrary, I like my pals and consider them to be like sisters to me. However, I truly enjoy being surrounded by boys, and I’ve always had a large number of close straight male friends. And my guys—the lads I’ve climbed trees with, played video games with, and burped the alphabet with—have set a high standard for all other boys to strive to achieve in their respective fields. As a result of my experiences with those lovely and nasty fellas who taught me that you can’t live with them but you can’t live without them, I’ve learned a lot about boys.

Despite the fact that it is not visible on the surface, they all have an insatiable desire for Peter Pan someplace deep within their hearts. No matter what a boy has been through, no matter how hardened or old his soul appears to be, there is this most lovely thing that exists within all boys that seems to remain indefinitely. What makes them despise bathing while enjoying rolling in the mud is this phenomenon. What causes them to scurry around biting at each other like little puppy dogs is the thing that makes them do it. When they are enthusiastic, this is the factor that causes them to run rather than stroll. It’s possibly the most beautiful, romantic thing about males, and it’s also the thing that enthralls me the most—the small portion of them that never, ever grows out of their childhood.

A man’s clothing are the only thing that can be changed about him. When a boy is with his peers, it is impossible to expect him to mature, to be more dependable, to refrain from swearing, or to cease acting like a lad. Boys are what they are, and the more you push them, the more they will resent you by amplifying all of the characteristics you are attempting to change in them. Boys are like that. You must either accept your boy for who he is or let him go, because the horrible illusion that girls cling to about being the one who can alter a man is just that: a myth. You must accept your boy for who he is or let him go. One of the few things a male will change for you is his clothing. This is due to the fact that most boys don’t know how to dress well or better, despite their desire to do so, and most are relieved to have someone point them in the correct way.

Three, a boy will not respect you unless and until you respect yourself (and if he does not respect you even after that, he is not the type of man you want in your life). It has been my pleasure to witness many different girls come and leave in the lives of my sons, and even the nice lads have difficulty appreciating girls who don’t respect themselves. It is hard for a boy to take a girl seriously when she is constantly at his disposal. Bless their cotton socks, they will try, but it is impossible. On the other hand, a female who is affectionate while also being independent is the one who will remain in their thoughts.

4. When someone criticizes you, it is not taken personally. Boys have a flawless technique of offering constructive criticism that girls simply do not understand. My boy friends are all very honest with me—“Kat you’re wearing too much makeup today,” “I didn’t really like that article you wrote because the jokes seemed forced,” “your hair looks weird”—and I don’t know what I’d do without it.

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  • Question of

    If a group of guys went to a bar what would they most likely to drink?

    • Wine
    • Water
    • Beer
    • Soft drink
  • Question of

    What would a guy call his best friend?

    • Bro
    • Buddie
    • BFF!
    • Guys don’t have best friends…
  • Question of

    What is “morning wood?”

    • Your job is a woodcutter
    • You get an erection or boner when you wake up.
    • You see wood in the morning?
    • No such thing!
  • Question of

    Do boys ever say “Jinx” when the say something at the same time?

    • Yes. Everyone does
    • Sometimes
    • What the heck is jinx?
    • No. Its rare though
  • Question of

    Cute boy at 9 o’clock! Where do you look?

    • I don’t have a date.
    • To the left!
    • To the right!
    • Straight forward!
  • Question of

    Popular boy name?

    • Bob
    • Nick
    • Jedon
    • Jack
  • Question of

    What is a Zoo magazine?

    • Porn
    • Duh! Zoo animals
    • Guy stuff
    • Cars
  • Question of

    That’s what she said sentence?

    • Oh my god! He’s so hot
    • Oh you have to suck on it…
    • That’s what she said?
    • You change your mind, like a girl, changes clothes…
  • Question of

    Okay gross question. Name three parts of a guys privates.

    • Penis, testicles, balls
    • Dick balls testicles
    • Yuck!
    • Dick, penis balls
  • Question of

    This was basic. Did you know that?

    • Not really. It was okay
    • Yes it was easy.
    • Huh? Really?
    • No. A bit challenging

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