How well do you know him?

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    Do you ever dream of marrying him?

    • Yes, all the time!:) He’d be the best husband and father.
    • Yes, but I’m not very sure.
    • Marriage! You kidding?
    • No, but I want him to be my lover!
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    For long have you known each other?

    • He’s an old friend.
    • Our families are friends.
    • Does that matter?
    • Oh, we’re childhood buddies (or maybe sweethearts now?).
    • It’s been just recently.
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    What kind of a boy is he?

    • He’s got girls drooling all over him!
    • Bloody flirt: P
    • Shy, quiet, sweet but loving.
    • He’s sooo hot n romantic otherwise, but with me he’s the ‘good old friend’.
    • He is the perfect boyfriend!
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    What’s he like with your family?

    • He bonds really well with them! My parents adore him:)
    • He’s known them for ages now, so he’s pretty close.
    • Oh, my family doesn’t like him much.
    • He is polite but hardly talks to them.
    • LOL: P They don’t even know him.
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    Why do you feel he’s made for you?

    • The way he looks at me…
    • Idk. He’s too cool to ignore I guess
    • His lovely nature and our amazing friendship!
    • Who said he is? -_-
    • His looks are to die for! And he’s stinking rich!
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    He loves…

    • FLIRTING! -.-
    • Sports, sports and sports!
    • Me, I guess!:)
    • Drinking, smoking and sex!
    • Music, reading, writing, painting.. He’s an artist.
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    What would you most likely find in his bedroom?

    • I guess his jerseys and footballs.
    • His guitar, books and a canvass.
    • Dirty stuff.. Porn maybe! Or a girl! -_-
    • His dog!: P
    • I dunno. Who cares?
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    Is he single?

    • Don’t know. But I’m trying to find out.
    • He just broke up.
    • No, no, no! Big time womanizer!
    • He’s having a complicated relationship.
    • Yes! Thankfully:)
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    How’s your relation with him?

    • We keep quarrelling. It pisses me off!
    • It’s amazing. He knows me better than I do and we share everything.
    • It’s okay I guess.
    • He’s protective of me n I like that:)
    • Super-complicated!
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    Have you ever kissed him?

    • Not yet. We’re only best friends.
    • Yes, but it was very awkward!
    • Ohhh yeah! He’s a sexy kisser!
    • Yes, but I regret it.
    • I wish he would soon. He’s too busy kissing others.

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