How Well Do You Know Sheldon And Amy’s Relationship?

  • Question of

    How did Sheldon and Amy meet?

    • Dating Site
    • Speed Dating
    • At Work
    • At A Bar
  • Question of

    Where was their first date?

    • The Cheesecake Factory
    • Coffee House
    • The Comic Book Store
    • The Model Train Store
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    Who put Sheldon on the dating site?

    • Penny and Bernadette
    • Penny and Leonard
    • Raj and Howard
    • Leonard and Kripke
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    How did Raj convince Sheldon to go on the date?

    • Damaging A Collectible
    • Spoilers For A TV Show
    • A Video Of Sheldon
    • A Dirty Sock
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    Who put Amy on the dating site?

    • Her Co-Worker
    • Her Dad
    • Her Therapist
    • Her Mom
  • Question of

    What is Penny’s nickname for the couple?

    • Amon
    • Adon
    • Shamy
    • Shelly
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    How did Sheldon try to replace Amy when they first broke off contact?

    • A puppy
    • 25 Cats
    • A new experiment
    • Playing the bongos
  • Question of

    What was that first big fight about?

    • Whose work was more important
    • Who was more attractive
    • Who was smarter
    • Who had better friends
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    How did Sheldon’s mother get them back together?

    • Singing to him
    • Tricking them into spending time together
    • Reverse Psychology
    • Bribing him
  • Question of

    How did Sheldon react to the idea of meeting Amy’s mother?

    • He yelled at her
    • He cried
    • He was excited
    • He ghosted her
  • Question of

    Sheldon first experienced jealousy when Amy was attracted to who?

    • Stuart
    • Zack
    • Raj
    • Kripke
  • Question of

    Why did a drunk Amy compare Sheldon to a ‘sexy toddler’?

    • He smells like baby powder
    • He sucks his thumb
    • He thrown tantrums
    • His food choices
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    What did Amy do immediately after kissing Sheldon for the first time?

    • Cries
    • Falls off the couch
    • Calls Penny
    • Throws Up
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    Sheldon became jealous because Amy went to a wedding with whom?

    • Leonard
    • Howard
    • Raj
    • Stuart
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    Who did Amy go on a date with before she and Sheldon made their relationship official?

    • Raj
    • Howard
    • Stuart
    • Kripke

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