How Well Do You Know The Human Mind?

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    What can the area of the brain known as the hindbrain also be referred to as?

    • Mesencephalon
    • Rhombencephalon
    • Back of the brain
    • Prosencephalon
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    Which of the following is NOT included in the brainstem?

    • Medulla Oblongata
    • Pons
    • Forebrain
    • Midbrain
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    Of all of the senses, which is the olfactory bulb responsible for controlling?

    • Sight
    • Hearing
    • Smell
    • Touch
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    What is the name of the system that is responsible for the production of cerebrospinal fluid?

    • Pituitary
    • Cingulate
    • Limbic
    • Ventricular
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    What is the area of the brain, known as Wernicke’s area, responsible for?

    • Hormone secretion
    • Memory
    • Language Comprehension
    • Vision
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    Which of the following statements is true when referring to dopamine?

    • causes depression when too abundant.
    • is commonly used in insecticides.
    • is involved in sensory control.
    • produces psychosis in large amounts.
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    Which of the following brain components carry information to the muscles and glands?

    • Pyrimidial cells
    • Motor neurons
    • Interneurons
    • Sensory neurons
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    What is the function of the dendrites?

    • To receive incoming signals from neighboring neurons.
    • To make myelin.
    • To send information to neighboring neurons.
    • To store information in the neurons.
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    What do we call the network of nerve fibers that connect the left and right hemispheres of the brain?

    • Hypothalamus
    • Neurons
    • Amygdala
    • Corpus callosum
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    What does ‘autonomic’ mean?

    • Automatic
    • Isolated
    • Emotional
    • Regenerative
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    Which of these describes the human mind?

    • Faculty of human thoughts and consciousness
    • Faculty of thoughts
    • Faculty of consciousness
    • The soul of human
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    What does it mean to ‘make up your mind’?

    • Build up your mind
    • Beautify your mind
    • Come to a decision
    • Give your opinion
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    The mind is also synonymous with…

    • Heart
    • Thoughts
    • Brain
    • Life
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    What is a Mental Faculty?

    • Things the mind can see
    • Things the mind can love
    • Things the mind can do
    • Things the mind cannot do

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