How Well Do You Remember Ross and Rachel’s Relationship?

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    How many pages was the letter that Rachel wrote Ross when they were trying to get back together?

    • 10
    • 18
    • 12
    • 28
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    What does Rachel call herself when she tells Ross about her lack of laundry skills?

    • Laundry Virgin
    • Laundry Slut
    • Laundry Novice
    • Laundry Protege
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    In which episode did Rachel and Ross share their first on-screen kiss of the series?

    • The One Where Ross Finds Out
    • The One With Rachel’s Crush
    • The One With The Jellyfish
    • The One With The East German Laundry Detergent
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    Which airport does Ross first go to when he tries to stop Rachel from leaving for Paris?

    • Newark
    • JFK
    • LAX
    • LaGuardia
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    Which TV channel does Ross pass up an opportunity to be on in order to help Rachel?

    • Syfy
    • FOX
    • Discovery Channel
    • CNN
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    What did Rachel want Ross to do to make up for yelling at her?

    • drink a glass of fat
    • go commando
    • wear a dress
    • serenade her
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    Which of Rachel’s sisters is Ross tempted to date?

    • Jill
    • Amy
    • Joanne
    • Amanda
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    Who does Rachel overhear that Ross is going to marry?

    • Janet
    • Charlie
    • Carol
    • Emily
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    What does Ross do to bond with Rachel’s dad?

    • discuss football
    • discuss football
    • make jokes about Rachel’s chiropractor
    • discuss the fact that they are both doctors
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    Where does Ross go with Rachel after her father has a heart attack?

    • Cancun
    • Central Perk
    • Syracuse
    • Long Island
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    In season 4 Episode 8, Rachel shows Ross what’s in her keepsake box. What is among its contents that Ross finds?

    • A necklace from her grandmother
    • A ring he had given her
    • A love letter from Mark
    • A movie stub from their first date
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    What past action did Rachel discover Ross did, causing Rachel to kiss him in front of everyone in episode 14 of season 2?

    • Wrote her a love song on his keyboard
    • bought her a present
    • Got along with her dad
    • dressed up in a tux to take her to the prom after she was almost stood up.
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    What treat do Ross and Rachel share at the end of the pilot episode?

    • A pizza slice
    • A bottle of wine
    • An Oreo cookie
    • Some coffee
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    What does Ross say to Monica at the end of the pilot episode?

    • I just grabbed a spoon
    • I’ll see you tomorrow.
    • Nothing, I just miss Carol.
    • What are you looking at?
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    What is Ross and Rachel’s child’s name?

    • Emily
    • Bernie
    • Ben
    • Emma

Is Your Relationship Too Cute Or Too Much?

How Well Do You Remember Ross and Rachel’s Relationship?