How your perfect man/woman will be?

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    What would be your perfect date?

    • A nice dinner at home
    • McDonald’s
    • Dinner on a boat
    • A fancy restaurant
    • A moon-lite walk by the beach
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    What would you want from your lover on your birthday?

    • A toenail clipper
    • A new house
    • A diamond watch
    • A nice soulful poem
    • Just maybe cheep shoes or something
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    What would be your dream house?

    • Just maybe a nice little house with nothing that expensive
    • A place in Hawaii
    • A beautiful one with a scenic beach view
    • A shack in the middle of nowhere
    • A mansion at the corner of Hollywood
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    I would spend Christmas…

    • Making mud pies
    • With the president
    • Just sipping hot coca by a fire
    • Watching videos together on the couch
    • In Miami, FL
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    What card would you give to your lover on the holidays?

    • A nice one that I had found in the best store I could find
    • Just a nice hand-made card that shows I care
    • I would put together something from paper I found in the trash
    • I card shipped in from China
    • I card taller than my lover is
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    What would you do if your lover lost his/her job?

    • I’d just do my best to make my lover feel the best
    • I’d say ‘Get another job!’
    • I’d see to it that he/she was treated to blimp ride around the country
    • I’d make dinner and we’d watch movies to get his/her mind off of it
    • I’d go out and buy a car for him/her
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    What would you do if you had kids?

    • I’d tell my lover we made a miracle
    • I’d show them world
    • I’d show my lover that I am thankful for the children
    • I’d buy them 2 years tuition
    • I’d just let my lover take care of them
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    How do you remember your first dance with your lover?

    • I play the song we danced to every night
    • I expect my lover to remember for me
    • I don’t remember it
    • I have it plastered on my wall in a painting
    • I just remember when I look at my lover
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    On Valentines Day I…

    • I wait for my lover to come to me
    • Set up a candle light dinner
    • I buy my lover a 24 karat block of gold
    • I just give my lover a card
    • Do nothing
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    What would you do on your wedding day?

    • I would just say I do and kiss my lover and call it a day
    • I would want it to be a Cinderella wedding
    • I would have a backyard wedding
    • I would have twinkling lights everywhere
    • I would get the best of everything
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    How do you feel about him?

    • I truly like him, we get along so well!
    • I just hope he noticed me today.
    • It`s an emotional roller coaster….I hate that I like him.
    • I like him but I have to admit, his friends are cute too.
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    Is he open to talk to you?

    • Yes we had a few dates.
    • No, he avoids me.
    • He smiled at me back when I do it.
    • Yes, I dated him but I dated other boys too.
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    Is he single?

    • Yes.
    • No.
    • Yes but he just broke up with his girlfriend.
    • I don`t know, never asked.
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    When you are with your friends and he sees you….

    • He says hi to my friends but talks mostly with me.
    • Ignores us.
    • He says hi and talks to everyone and tries to be friendly.
    • We talk for a bit and then I go back to my friends.
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    Do you call each other?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Rarely.
    • I don`t have his phone no.
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    Have you been on a date with him?

    • Yes.
    • No.
    • Not yet.
    • He asked me out and I refused/had other plans.
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    Does he give you compliments?

    • Sure, sometimes.
    • Never.
    • He told me I had pretty clothes once.
    • Yes but I want more.
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    What do your friends think about him?

    • That he is friendly and nice.
    • That he is ignorant and mean.
    • That he is not your type.
    • That he is funny.
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    Does he laugh at your jokes?

    • We do laugh a lot.
    • No, he thinks I`m immature.
    • Sometimes, we are still shy.
    • His roommate likes my jokes more.
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    Why do you like him?

    • He completes me.
    • He is a challenge.
    • He is cute.
    • I don`t know. I just do.

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