Is he for you? or just a ‘boy’?

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    Does he seem scared to tell his feelings about you to your face?

    • He only tells me some things
    • He tells me stupid things
    • Yes- he tells me everything and has no fears
    • No way… it’s like getting a dog to talk to you
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    Do you fight together often?

    • Over silly things, but we get over them easily
    • Once in a blue moon… that’s what to be expected in a relationship
    • We dont fight, We battle
    • 24/7
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    Which describes you?

    • Cheerful, happy, social
    • Adventurous, bold, spontaneous, care-free
    • Flirty, boy-crazy
    • Flirty, boy-crazy
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    Your favorite type of movie?

    • Drama, Romance.
    • Romantic Comedies
    • Thrillers, Psychological Dramas, Suspense
    • Chick-flicks, they’re your guilty pleasure.
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    Does he make you feel good?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes but not everytime
    • I don’t see him much that way
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    Does he take charge most of the time?

    • Yes
    • If giving you 50 cents for an arcade game counts.
    • He tells me to pay some nights, while others he pays
    • No,we do what our guts tells us
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    How does he show affection towards you?

    • He only does every once in a while
    • He punches me
    • Tells me how much he loves me
    • Buys me flowers and/or jewelry
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    Does your boyfriend take you to places you like to go to?

    • Yes, even when I don’t tell him my favorite place to eat
    • No, we don’t even go out, he’s always with his friends
    • Yeah, but only if I tell him every time we go out
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    Does your boyfriend do stuff you like to do? like shopping?

    • No, he doesn’t even bother
    • Yeah, he sometimes buys me something expensive
    • Sometimes, he does but he’s always talking on his cell phone
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    Did your boyfriend remember your birthday?

    • No, he was sick or busy
    • He did when I told him the day of it
    • Yeah, he gave me flowers and chocolates
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    Does your boyfriend kiss you in public?

    • No, he’s too embarrassed
    • Yes, all the time
    • We haven’t kissed yet
    • Sometimes, when his friends aren’t around
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    Does your boyfriend treat you like a friend or a girlfriend?

    • Nothing, he doesn’t even talk to me
    • Friend mostly
    • Girlfriend all the way
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    Does your boyfriend now all the things you like? Example: your favorite color?

    • Some, but not all
    • Yeah, we talked about it a while ago
    • No, he doesn’t even know my last name
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    Does your boyfriend be mean to your friends?

    • Yeah, but not harmful stuff
    • No, he’s kind of friends with them anyways
    • Yes, all the time, he calls them names
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    Is your boyfriend committed to your relationship?

    • No, he doesn’t do anything
    • Yeah, sometimes
    • Yes, very well
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    Does your boyfriend want to meet your parents? has he?

    • No, he doesn’t want anything to do with them
    • Yeah, he wants to make a good impression
    • I don’t know
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    Does your boyfriend want to get married?

    • No
    • Yes
    • I don’t know, we haven’t talked about it
    • Maybe
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    Does it seem like he likes you for your looks or your personality?

    • Looks and personality
    • Personality
    • It’s hard to tell
    • Looks

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