Is He Hot Or Not? (100% Accurate)

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    What is his hair color?

    • Red/Ginger
    • Platinum blond to honey blond
    • Dyed (green, purple, etc)
    • Dark brown to black
    • Light to medium brown
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    What is his eye color?

    • Dark brown/black
    • Green/Hazel
    • Blue/Gray
    • Amber/Honey/Gold (these are variations of brown)
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    Is he weird, immature, or gross?

    • No
    • Yes, all three
    • Only a bit
    • Not usually, but he fools around with his friends
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    What does his nose look like?

    • Umm it’s just a normal nose?
    • Crooked/Has a tiny bump
    • Too big
    • ALMOST perfect!
    • Perfect for his face!
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    How built is he?

    • He’s chubby, so what?
    • He is so scrawny!
    • He’s pretty fit
    • He is very muscular
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    Is he mean to other people?

    • He teases people, but he’s mean without meaning it
    • He’s mean to certain people
    • Never!
    • He is such a bully!
    • Sometimes as a joke, but he apologizes if the other person gets their feelings hurt
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    Is he a player? In other words, does he flirt with girls and pretend that he likes them and leave when he gets bored with them?

    • I don’t think he’s done that before
    • I think so, but he doesn’t mean it
    • Never!
    • Yes
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    What clothes does he wear to school?

    • Normal/Casual
    • Emo
    • Pajamas
    • Sporty
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    How tall is he? (By average, I mean for boys his age)

    • 1-2 inches above average
    • 3+ inches above average
    • 3+ inches below average
    • Average
    • 1-2 inches below average
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    What is his friend group?

    • Normal group/not popular, but definitely not a loser
    • He has no friends
    • Weird group/emo group
    • Popular group for sure!
    • He doesn’t seem to have a fixed friend group

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