Is he my Soul-mate? Quiz!

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    Are you comfortable talking to him ?????

    • I don’t know
    • Kinda
    • Yep it is 100% natural
    • NOPE
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    How many dates have you been on ?????

    • None
    • 3 or 2
    • Tons
    • 1
    • 4 or 5
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    Do you love him ????

    • Sort of
    • I don’t know
    • I used to
    • Yes and I wouldn’t doubt it
    • Not really
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    How much do you flirt ?????

    • Not at all
    • Umm.. let’s just say too much ????
    • A little bit
    • I dunno ????‍♀️
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    What do your parents think ?????

    • Love him and it is all good ????
    • Whatever
    • It is just young love ????
    • Don’t like him ????
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    Random question: what is your favorite animal?

    • ????
    • ????
    • ????
    • ????
    • ????
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    If you didn’t know your boyfriend or crush would you date someone else?

    • Yes I already know my number two
    • If I meet someone then yes
    • Maybe
    • NO WAYYY
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    Do you find their flaws endearing?

    • Aw, I so do!
    • Kind of, but I wish they’d change.
    • Not really, no. Who would?
    • Don’t get me started about their many flaws!
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    Do you like saying their name out loud?

    • What an interesting question. I actually love saying their name!
    • I like their name, but it’s not like I go around saying it aloud. LOL.
    • Uh, what … What kind of question is that?
    • You mean out loud just to hear how it sounds? That sounds loony.
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    Do you like their smell?

    • Oh, my. Do I ever … It’s so dreamy.
    • I’m pretty turned on by it.
    • Most of the time
    • Actually, it bothers me. I think they need to change deodorants or something!
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    What does it feel like to sleep by their side?

    • Like absolute heaven
    • Pretty cozy
    • Okay. I kind of wish they wouldn’t toss and turn so much.
    • What sleep? I wake up every half hour.
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    How do you feel about the pet name they gave you?

    • Like it was made just for me
    • I think it’s cute.
    • I get a little annoyed by it sometimes, for no reason.
    • They’d better not start calling me by a pet name!
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    How quickly did you fall in love?

    • Immediately, and it hasn’t waned.
    • It didn’t take long to see there was a spark.
    • I’m not sure I’m in love yet.
    • I wouldn’t say I am in love. I like them.
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    What’s it like to hold their hand?

    • Like we’ve always been united
    • It’s sweet, and I generally like it.
    • I’m a little uncomfortable with it.
    • Hold hands? Seriously! So old-fashioned.
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    From a scale of 1-10, how attracted are you to them?

    • Off the charts!
    • 9-ish, mostly
    • I’d say 7.
    • I’d probably say, um, honestly, 6.
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    How well do they get your sense of humor?

    • They know what I’m thinking before I say it, and we laugh telepathically.
    • We get each other’s humor, and it’s great.
    • They don’t really get me, but they’re coming around.
    • They usually think I’m joking when I’m not and laugh when I’m being serious. Go figure.
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    Do you often find yourself smiling for no reason when you think of them?

    • All the time
    • I often do.
    • If I have a reason, sure!
    • Smiling for no reason? What kind of fool does that?
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    Do you have similar interests?

    • We have so much in common, it’s almost uncanny.
    • For the most part, yes, but I really respect that they have their own interests.
    • There’s enough in common to keep us together, let’s just say that.
    • We both like Mexican food and sunshine.
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    Have you ever felt like this before?

    • Definitely not
    • I’ve felt something similar once.
    • I’ve been in love many times.
    • Are you kidding? Of course I have.
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    Do you argue often?

    • Occasionally, but we get it over it quickly.
    • More than I’d like
    • We tend to tiptoe around things that might cause friction.
    • We fight like rabid cats and dogs. Hard not hold a grudge afterward.
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    They say they want to date you exclusively. How do you feel about that?

    • We were dating exclusively from the moment we laid eyes on each other.
    • I think that’s already understood.
    • Oh? I’m not sure I’m ready to say I’m a relationship.
    • Look, I’m not even ready to commit to the next date.
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    Do you feel comfortable around them?

    • Super comfortable, and at the same time, there’s this incredible attraction.
    • For the most part, yes, but sometimes I feel a little put off by something.
    • Not really. It’s something that bothers me a little.
    • Sometimes. I’m not usually comfortable with people I’m attracted to.
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    Which of these images evokes the feeling of them?

    • A meadow
    • A window
    • A watch
    • A bar
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    How responsive are they to your needs?

    • It’s like they read my mind.
    • They’re pretty considerate for the most part.
    • I can tell they’re trying, but it doesn’t come naturally to them.
    • Responsive? Well, I guess they know I have needs. I think.
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    Do your friends like them?

    • Yes! They like that they’re making me happy.
    • My close friends do, for the most part.
    • Some do, some don’t. They say we’re mismatched.
    • No, but who cares?
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    What is it like to kiss them?

    • So good it makes me swoon!
    • It’s really nice, but I wouldn’t say it’s phenomenal.
    • I’ve had better kisses.
    • I wish they’d learn how.
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    Do you ever worry about being too clingy with them?

    • No. We’re on the same page, for sure.
    • A little, sometimes
    • A lot, actually
    • All the time, or else I think they’re being clingy.
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    Do you text a lot ?????

    • Nah. Maybe once if urgent
    • Every other day but we aren’t that fussed
    • Yes, everyday and we worry if we don’t.
    • Once or twice a fortnight
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    Have you kissed ?????

    • No and we never will
    • Yeah and we aren’t afraid.
    • Yes but it was awkward.
    • Yep but NEVER AGAIN!
    • I’d rather not say
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    Who knows about you ?????

    • Friends ONLY
    • No one just us
    • It isn’t a thing
    • Only our close friends

Are you two a perfect match?

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