Is he the guy of your dreams?

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    A dream guy can’t just run off with another woman, is your lover loyal?

    • No, I could him having sex with the neighbour
    • Extremely
    • He songs any woman that takes his fancy, then he takes hr home and they have sex
    • I think so
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    A dream guy has got to treat you right, does your lover treat you well?

    • He’s so mean! He didn’t even buy me that hair dryer I wanted!
    • Of course!
    • No, he threatens me
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    A dream guy can’t go wondering around the house in his underwear, how does your lover dress?

    • He never dresses, he’s too busy snogging and having sex with the neighbour
    • OK…once he walked around naked for two weeks though
    • He dresses great and takes my advice as well
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    Does your lover make time for you? A dream guy can’t spend all his life chatting with his friend or reading the paper!

    • Always, there’s never a weekend when we’re not snogging naked in bed for hours
    • Most of the time, once he had a work trip though
    • He never has time for me, he works to hard, at least, that’s what he tells me
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    Does your lover embarrass you? That’s against the code of the dream guy!

    • Always, whenever he gets the chance
    • Sometimes, usually no
    • Never, he knows how I feel about that
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    Is your lover funny? Dream guys gotta have some humour!

    • Not really, his jokes aren’t funny
    • Most of the time, he can really crack up though!
    • Never. He doesn’t see the funny side of anything
    • He’s so funny! Not a day goes bye when he doesn’t make me laugh!
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    Does he listen to you?

    • Never! I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall!:(
    • Of course! Just not when he’s reading the paper!
    • Always!
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    Last, but definitely not least; does he love you?

    • Sometimes
    • So much he snogs me with every chance he gets
    • Yes!
    • No
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    what do you look for in a guy?

    • Romance
    • Funny
    • Adventerous
    • Neither of them
    • The first three
    • Whatever the guy ends up to be
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    what do you prefer your guy do,when there are a group of guy’s checking you out?

    • Tell him to beat them up
    • Just tell him to ignore them,Im yours,not there’s
    • Go kick there butts
    • Ask them to stop,and move on.
    • hold on to your partner’s arm so he wont do anything crazy
    • none of the above
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    What would you like most about your guy?

    • Eye’s
    • Body
    • Wealthy
    • Clean
    • The way he acts
    • All of the above
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    If there was a secret that your guy kept from you for your protection, would you be mad?

    • Yes!
    • No
    • Depending on the lie
    • Ask him what the lie is
    • Cry, becase he lied to you
    • Walk away, and dont turn back
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    Continuing the first question. The secret was that he was a human with werewolf powers. Half werewolf & half human, but he’s good. He uses his powers for good. Would you still want to be with him or not?

    • yes! I Love him that will never change.
    • No! I dont want to be with a wolf
    • I dont care what he is as long as he can buy me things
    • Whatever
    • Yes
    • Maby
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    what do you perfer your guy to be?

    • Smart
    • Brave
    • Intellegent
    • protective
    • loving
    • All of the above
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    What job do you perfer for your guy?

    • Docter
    • Vetenarian
    • Film Directer
    • Police officer
    • What ever job he’s happy in.
    • Jobless
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    If your best friend just got a new job at your guy’s job,would you trust your best friend or your man?

    • yes!,I trust my guy & best friend.
    • Heck no!,I wouldn’t trust neither.
    • I would cheat on them befor they got a chance to cheat on me
    • It sounds a little fishy.I would investigate.
    • I wouldn’t care
    • Huh…?
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    Who was the closes to your hearthrob on TV?

    • Tom weilling(TV show Smallvill)
    • Branden friaser(The Mummy Returns)
    • I’m switzerland I like both Edward and Jacob
    • Edward Cullen(Twilight)
    • Jacob Black(Twilight)
    • The Rock(The Scorpion King)
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    If there was a really hot guy who was a jerk and a cute guy who has a fabulous personality who would you choose?

    • Neither. Unless he’s hot enough to be a Sex God, he’s not hot enough for me!!
    • The hot mean guy
    • The cute wonderful guy
    • Both, duh!!!
    • Neither, I don’t like boys because I’m prepubescent.
    • Other something that I can’t think of.
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    If you were a guy, would you date yourself?

    • Yeah, I’m hot!!
    • No, thats weird
    • No, I dont like myself like that
    • Yes, I would treat myself well
    • Are you crazy, fool?
    • None of the above.
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    What would you rather do more in your relationship?

    • Make out every day,everynight.
    • Have a nice conversation about everything you both like & dislikes.
    • Fight,because when you make up you think theres more passion.
    • Date him for his money.
    • Both, make out,but have more nice conversations.
    • I dont care as long as I have a guy.
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    If you are in a very good relationship, you’re happy in your relationship, he’s your dream guy and he loves you so much it’s just unbelievable, would you leave him for Edward Cullin from Twilight?

    • No! that is so wrong. I love my guy that will never change.
    • Heck Yeah? Edward is so romantic.
    • I would want to be with both.
    • Whose Edward Cullin?
    • Neither
    • I haven’t read Twilight.
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    Do you bite your nails,When you read a book or watch a very suspenceful movie? or just do it as a habit?

    • Yes, all the time.& sometimes I dont realize it.
    • Only with books.
    • Only with movies.
    • I dont like books
    • I dont like movies
    • No, I dont bite my nails while reading,or watching movies or by habit.At lease I dont think I do.
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    What’s your favorit color? Why?

    • Blue,because it remines me of the sky.& because it makes me happy.
    • Red,because it remines me of roses.
    • Purple, because it is a beautiful combination in the sky when its twilight.
    • White,because it reminds me of white flowers & roses.
    • Green,because of the grass,& that remines me of nature.
    • Others.
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    Which name do you prefer?(Boys)

    • Leon.
    • Ben
    • Aaron
    • Edward
    • Cole
    • Alex
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    If your birthday was coming up & your boyfriend forgot,What would you do?

    • I would be mad!
    • I would yell at him.
    • I wouldnt care.I would just break up with him,& find another guy.
    • I would forgive him.
    • I would listen to what he has to say.
    • I would be happy because I wouldnt want him to go through so much for my birthday.
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    What do you find attractive about your guy?

    • His looks.
    • His charm.
    • The way he walks.
    • The way he looks at me.(As if he won a prize)in a good way.
    • His personality.
    • Everything about him,inside & out.
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    What are you most like?

    • Funny,& dont care how goofy I may look, while trying to make someone laugh.
    • Smart,I love to learn new things.
    • Adventurous,I love to explore new places,& discover new things.
    • Hardcore,I dont take crap from anyone.I dont like guy’s with dirty minds or mouths.I play hard to get.& I’m hard to get,when you play the game wrong.
    • Im none of these.
    • All of the above.
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    Everyone’s dream guy is handsome( you have to admit), has your lover got the looks?

    • Nah
    • Yeah!
    • Sort of
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    A dream partner has got to kiss well(who enjoys an awfully aimed slobbery snog?), is your lover a good kisser?

    • No, he sucks
    • Yes! I wish I could snog him all day!
    • We’ve never kissed
    • Could live without him planting his lips on mine all the time

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