Is she hot?

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    • Average
    • Tall for age
    • A little short
    • Very short/ I don’t know
    • A little tall
  • Question of


    • Black/brown
    • Hazel/green
    • Blue/gray
    • No words to describe
  • Question of

    Style of clothes

    • Shows as much skin as possible
    • Her own unique way
    • Whatever is clean
    • Goth
    • Weird. Just weird
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    Has she been in relationships recently?

    • One or two
    • Only a few
    • Yes, a lot
    • No way
    • No, but wants to
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    Hair color

    • Other/no hair
    • Red
    • Medium/dark brown
    • Dyed or bleached
    • Light brown/blond
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    Hair length

    • Short
    • Bald/unknown
    • Rapunzel
    • Shoulder length
    • Longish
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    Do you think she is cute/hot/sexy

    • Makes me smile
    • Very sexy
    • No comment
    • Kind of ugly
    • Cute, not sexy
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    Is your sense of style more modern or classic?

    • Modern
    • Classic
    • A mix of both
    • I don’t even know what my own sense of style is!
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    What foreign city does your personality belong in?

    • Paris
    • London
    • Seoul
    • Tokyo
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    How often do you hit the gym to lift weights?

    • Almost every day
    • I’m more of a cardio person.
    • Once in a while
    • Ugh, I hate working out!
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    If you could be a model for a living, what type would you be?

    • Fitness model
    • Runway model
    • Glamor model
    • Parts model
  • Question of

    If some random person asked you out on a date, would you say ‘yes’ to them?

    • Ugh, no way!
    • I probably would.
    • I would have to get to know them first.
    • Trust me, this never happens!
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    Which of these female celebs is considered ‘hot’ to you?

    • Megan Fox
    • Jessica Alba
    • Kim Kardashian
    • Taylor Swift
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    How would you rate your overall makeup skills?

    • Expert
    • Average
    • Advanced
    • Total beginner
  • Question of

    When a problem arises in your life, you tend to …

    • Get angry and throw things
    • Talk it out with someone
    • Sleep, because that seems to solve everything
    • Laugh it off; these things happen!
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    Would you ever become friends with someone more attractive than you?

    • I have jealousy issues, so no.
    • I try not to compare my beauty to others.
    • As long as they’re kind, I wouldn’t care.
    • Sure, why not?
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    Do you thrive in chilly or warm climates?

    • I thrive in hot climates.
    • Warm climates
    • Chilly climates
    • Both
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    What is her body type?

    • Thicc
    • Athletic
    • Skinny
    • Fat
    • Curvy
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    What is her personality

    • Smart, and nerdy
    • Dumb, and mean
    • Funny, and sassy
    • Funny, and smart
    • Popular, and mean
  • Question of

    How popular

    • Trying to be cool
    • I don’t know
    • Elite
    • Should be popular but doesn’t want to be
    • Not popular

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