Is the guy you’re talking to a fboy?

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    How often do you have sex?

    • Everyday
    • Multiple times a day
    • A few times a week
    • Every week at minimum
    • A few times a month or less
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    Have you met his family?

    • Yes
    • No
    • He won’t let me
    • They live out of state
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    He goes into the bathroom, what does he take with him?

    • Cell phone
    • Magazine
    • Nothing
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    His phone rings, you answer it, what is his reaction?

    • Oh snap, he would lose it! I would never answer his phone.
    • He wouldn’t care, I usually answer it.
    • He would be irritated, but he wouldn’t get mad.
    • His phone never leaves his hand.
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    When was the last time he did something just to make you feel special?

    • Just the other day
    • I don’t know
    • HA! There’s always a reason, like Christmas
    • Valentines
    • I don’t think he ever has
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    Which word describes your relationship?

    • Playful
    • Sweet
    • Busy
    • Boring
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    How did you start talking to the guy?

    • I go to school with him
    • I added him on snapchat
    • I met him in person
    • He added me on snapchat
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    When do you usually talk to him?

    • Whenever I start the conversation
    • When I’m/he’s not busy
    • All day, everyday
    • Only after 10pm
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    Does he send you pictures of his face?

    • Half his face
    • He only shows his face in the evening
    • Yes, he sends cute, goofy full face pics
    • No, usually just a blank screen
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    How does he complement you?

    • Calls me beautiful, gorgeous, pretty
    • Complements me on everything – looks, personality
    • Calls me hot, fit, sexy
    • Doesn’t complement me
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    How much do you know about him?

    • Not much, he doesn’t know much about me either
    • I know quite a lot about him
    • Everything! We talk about everything about each other
    • I know some things
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    Has he talked about his past hook ups to you?

    • Yes, I know lots of details about them too
    • Yes, but only mentioned it briefly
    • No, but I know he has had some before
    • No, he’s never had a hookup
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    Has he ever asked you to send nudes?

    • Yes, a few times
    • We send them every night!
    • Yes once but I said no so he never asked again
    • No never!
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    Has he ever sent an unrequited dick pic?

    • No never
    • He has sent me it, but asked first
    • No, but he’s sent his abs
    • Yes I get them all the time
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    Do you know if he wants to hookup?

    • Yes he told me he wanted to straight away
    • We’ve talked about it a few times
    • We’ve never talked about it
    • I don’t think he wants to
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    Do you think he is a fuckboy?

    • I think so
    • No definitely not
    • YES 100%
    • I’m not sure
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    Does he talk to other girls?

    • No I know that i’m the only girl he talks to
    • Only his friends
    • I don’t know
    • Yes his whole best friend list are girls
    • Well he says he doesn’t…
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    How long have the two of you been together?

    • Less than 2 years
    • More than 2 years but less than 5
    • More than 5 years but less than 10
    • More than ten years
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    • Married
    • Dating
    • Boyfriend and girlfriend, I think. We’ve never talked about it.
    • We live together, but we break up often
    • We’re engaged

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