Is Your Boyfriend REALLY Cheating on You?

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    Last question do you think he is cheating on you or likes someone else?

    • Maybe.
    • Yes.
    • He would never do that to me.
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    Does he still act sweet towards you or at least like he cares?

    • No. I wish.
    • Yes! He’s an angel.
    • Sweet? He doesn’t know the meaning.
    • He has his moments…
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    Does he leave the room when he’s on the phone?

    • No…I make sure of that.
    • Yes
    • Yes. But he has important things to talk about.
    • No
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    Does he get angry or annoyed when you question him?

    • Yes.
    • Yes, but sometimes I interrogate too much.
    • What questions?
    • No he’s completely open.
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    Has anyone ever told you they saw him with another girl?

    • No, but who would tell me?
    • No I’m ALWAYS with him.
    • Yes but he had a good explanation……
    • Yea. He denied it.
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    Do you think he’s cheating on you?

    • Yes
    • No I’m just checking
    • I’m not sure…that’s why I’m taking the quiz.
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    Does he show you affection in public?

    • No he’s not into public displays of affection
    • Yes always
    • sometimes
    • Never
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    Does he ever hang out with girls? (at a party or club etc.)

    • No. I’m the only girl he hangs out with
    • Yes but I always know who and where.
    • Yes but they’re mysteriously all taken.
    • Yes.
    • No…not that I know of.
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    Does he ever WRONGLY accuse you of cheating?

    • Yes.
    • No we don’t talk about our trust issues.
    • Yea after gets back from a party
    • No he trusts me
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    Have you met his parents?

    • no…but I’m waiting
    • yea I saw them a couple of times
    • no we haven’t got to that point yet
    • Yea I go over there often
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    When he’s not with you, does he call to check in or to chat?

    • I’m not his mom
    • Yes
    • no I call him
    • no he’s busy
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    When your out in public he …

    • Only see’s you! (:
    • His eyes wounder.
    • He doesn’t listen to me and pretty much ignores me! 🙁
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    Does he text, call, or talk to other girls a lot?

    • hardly.
    • all the time.
    • sometimes.
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    How often does he take you out?

    • never, he wants to be known as the single guy even though were dating.
    • as often as he can.
    • when he is in a good mood.
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    Does he tell you, your beautiful?

    • Maybe once or twice.
    • there was that one time, oh wait he was talking about the girl next to me so that makes it to a total of zero.
    • whenever he gets the chance to.
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    Have you ever seen him cheat on you.

    • I’ve seen it and heard about it.
    • never.
    • heard about it he denies it though.
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    Does he tell you he loves you?

    • all the time! (:
    • like a few times.
    • probably once, maybe not even. 🙁
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    What does he say when you tell him you love him.

    • you better!
    • i love you too.
    • i would never say i love you too him.
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    How long have you like/loved him?

    • as long as i can remember.
    • mhh not that long.
    • i use to like/love him not anymore though.
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    Do his friends know your dating?

    • Yes, its public knowledge were dating..
    • Some might i dont know though.
    • No, his friends think i’m a loser.

Is your boyfriend cheating on you?

Is your Boyfriend a Cheater?