Is your brain love-fried? (or are you just having a weird day)

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    You wake up and take a look around you. How does the world look?

    • >.> it’s not that good…(but it might be if I get to see a certain someone….)
    • Meh just another day
    • Dude. I see pink and little heartshapes everywhere! And are these SPARKS right there!
    • -.- monotone and terrible and yucky and grey.
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    You need to get dressed…

    • : D I’ll put on my AWESOME CLOTHES and head out! No need to miss another second of this awesome day!
    • I wanna wear something very cute and pink and girlish and lovely and OH GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! (me: *pats you in the back*)
    • My boring clothes. I’ll just grab something and wear it and be done with it.
    • Casual stuff. Normal Day. I see no problem.
    • >~< Ugh I want to wear something nice… And look cute… WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? (me: o.o ok ok just relax)
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    You head out! On the way to wherever you’re going to, you hope to meet….

    • <////< damn it…. there’s someone i’ve been thinking actually…. >////> I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! (me: oh do tell, do tell!)
    • No one in particular but I’m okay if I do meet someone
    • <.< n-no one in particular…. (me: -.- reeeeally?: P) …OKAY SOMEONE MAYBE…
    • AWWW I HOPE I GET TO SEE MY FRIENDS! OR ANYONE OTHER THAT I LIKE!~ (me: WHERE do you get this energy from! tell me ._.)
    • No one. Just let me listen to my music alone please.
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    Sooo there’s this random person that tells you they’re interested in you… How do you react?

    • AW MAN THAT’S AWESOME…. I’LL THINK ABOUT IT! (me: sigh…it’s caffeine right? it HAS to be.)
    • <~< erm…erm…. I’m sorry, I can’t return your feelings.!… (me: er, you’re blushing too hard.)
    • >.> aw, that’s flattering, thanks..!
    • I have no need for love or romance or stuff like that right now. It’s unwanted trouble.
    • Sorry…there’s another idiot that lives in my head right now…I MEAN WOT (me: we all heard that.)
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    When your friends talk about boys you:

    • Owo I LOVE TALKING ABOUT ANYTHING! (me: you’re so happy about everything! xD)
    • *runs away while screaming* NOOO GET AWAY FROM ME! I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING >//////<
    • Just change the topic or do something else or stay silent. I can’t relate to that.
    • Er, sure. These conversations are usually fun!
    • *blushes uncontrollably* ER….. I….. tell them about … a certain someone…
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    Have you been watching any rom coms lately?

    • >///> m-maybe…. I try to relate to the characters…. it usually works! (me: that’s cute ^W^)
    • *raises hand* g-guilty as charged….. BUT IN MY DEFENCE IT’S MORE LIKE BRDGET JONES AND STUFF LIKE THAT
    • Nope.
    • Er idk whatever’s on tv I guess?
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    Honestly, is there someone in your mind?

    • YES! that’s what I think, at least! (me:: D that’s cool!)
    • Nah not really
    • SOMEONE? I have loooooots of people in my mind!: D
    • My family and friends!
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    How have you been feeling lately?

    • Quiet?
    • UGH………IT’S JUST SO WEIRD! *pulls hair* (me: noooo your hair! you’re ruining it!)
    • ^w^ happy around a certain person!
    • HAPPY VERY HAPPY HAPPIEST I’VE EVER BEEEEN!: D (…me: I bet you were BORN like this.)
    • Norma actually
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    Pick a song! (don’t mind the music genres please. Everyone listens to different stuff so… D: )

    • I’m a Believer – Smashmouth
    • I don’t want to be in Love- Good charlotte
    • Na Na Na – My chemical Romance
    • Blue-eiffel 65
    • Beautiful Day- U2
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    Last Question, People!

    • UGGGGGGH I’m an IDIOT..! (me: did you just avoid answering the question?:3)
    • No that’s a waste of time!
    • Yes! TwT
    • AH! LOT’S OF PEOPLE! FRIENDS/ FAMILY/ COWORKERS (me: I’m just jealous of that positive aura of yours, but this wasn’t meant in that way!)
    • Nah not really/ not someone in particular

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