Is Your Crush A Good Choice? (For Girls)

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    Has he ever complimented you?

    • A few times then and again…
    • He’s told me I have something stuck in my teeth
    • Yes, a whole lot.
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    Why do you like this guy?

    • He’s very cute…that’s pretty much it
    • Everything about him! He’s sweet, cute, smart, funny…
    • …why DO I like him…?
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    Do you think he is ‘the one’?

    • He could be, but there are other fish in the sea…
    • Of course not. He hates me!
    • I am positive.
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    How did you like this quiz?

    • It was OK
    • It was fun
    • BORING!
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    If you are talking about something you don’t like about yourself, for example your hair, what will he do?

    • He will ignore you or try to change the subject.
    • He will laugh.
    • He will say something nice about it or you to make you feel better.
    • He will get really annoyed.
    • He will tease you about it later
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    Ok, you are in class and for some reason you start to cry. He:

    • ignores it
    • doesn’t have the guts to make you feel better but is mad at the people who are mean about it
    • tries to make you feel better
    • calls you a sissy for crying or is a jerk about it
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    Does he ever give you a cute shy smile?

    • no
    • yes
    • rarely
    • sometimes
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    If some girls are talking bad about you does it make him mad?

    • yes
    • no he doesn’t care
    • maybe
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    Whenever you mention another boy he:

    • doesn’t care at all
    • pretends not to care but really does
    • changes the subject or ignores you
    • gets sad about it and its obvious he is
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    Does he compliment you?

    • yes a lot
    • no never
    • sometimes
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    Does he remember things that happened to both of you or or things you told him about your life?

    • yes most of the time
    • no not really
    • sometimes
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    Is he shy around you sometimes?

    • ya (so cute
    • no hes too much of a jerk
    • no hes just not like that
    • only sometimes
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    Is he ever mean to you?

    • yes 🙁
    • no way
    • sorta
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    Is he ever protective over you?

    • no hahahaha
    • yes and its sweet
    • yes but its annoying
    • not really
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    What color hair does he have? (no effect)

    • brown
    • blonde
    • red
    • black
    • its dyed a weird color
    • other
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    When you say hi to him, what does he do?

    • Smiles/waves/says hi but keeps waking
    • Completely ignores you
    • Stops to ask how you’re doing.
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    What is he usually doing in class?

    • Doodling, snickering, sleeping, talking, etc.
    • He’s being quiet but his mind may be elsewhere…
    • Uh…listening (duh) and possibly taking notes.
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    Have you ever had the nerve to call him?

    • Yes, and we talked for a bit.
    • Yes, but he hung up when I said hi, or I hung up when he answered
    • No, way too shy
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    How often does he talk to you?

    • Never. He tends to avoid me.
    • Only sometimes.
    • All the time. We’re good friends.
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    If he were to right you a letter, what would the top heading most likely say?

    • ‘To A Wonderful Girl’
    • ‘Stay Away From Me, You Stalker’
    • ‘Hey, You’
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    Does he have any links to his past relationships?

    • Only the ones that didn’t end so horribly
    • Yes, he talks to his ex-girlfriends all the time!
    • No, they’re gone for good

Is he a good boyfriend?

Do you have a good boyfriend or girlfriend?