Is your ex-boyfriend in a new relationship?

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    To deal with the pain that your ex boyfriend left behind you did this to ease the pain….

    • Just kept to myself
    • Jumped into a new relationship
    • Hung out with friends
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    While in a new relationship you would talk to your ex boyfriend behind your boyfriends back and talked about a future together or a whole lot of ‘What if’s’……..

    • Yes
    • We talked only for closure, to set each other straight.
    • We talked but not necessarily about us
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    When you are in your ex-boyfriend’s surroundings you think of him…

    • sometimes, not really
    • I think of him only because his surroundings is a sore spot for me
    • I think of our good times together
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    I talk to _____ even after me and him broke up…..

    • An old friend of his that became a mutual friend
    • classmate
    • His best friend
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    What parts of your relationship with your ex do you think most about?

    • Just the summary of the relationship without going in depth
    • Good times
    • our sexual experiences
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    How do you react when someone speaks of considering dating your ex again?

    • I think I’m better off not knowing
    • I think about trying again after I’m done with this boyfriend
    • I look at the pros and cons
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    To this day can you still find the love you had for him, how do you feel now that you aren’t together any more, can you still remember the love that is lost?

    • I feel good knowing that I have experiences love and can check that off my list
    • I acknowledge it as love, but have no feelings any more
    • I remember it and it still sends butterflies through my tummy
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    Do you use your ex-boyfriend to make your present boyfriend jealous?

    • Yes, and half the truth comes out with it
    • I do to get back at him, but I use an ex who didn’t mean a thing.
    • Moderately, only if he brings up his ex-girlfriend however
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    What part of the relationship with your ex hurt the most, and you still recall with that little ping of pain?

    • No getting the proper closure I needed
    • feeling that I got nothing out of it and I’m missing something
    • Not being with him any more, seeing him any more
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    Finally, can you still see yourself with him?

    • It wouldn’t work, that’s why we split in the first place
    • Yes I do, I want to give it another try should this relationship fail
    • I can, but I feel better seeing a future with my current boyfriend

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