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    Does your crush like you back?

    • No but we flirt sometimes
    • Yah he is totally into me In fact he and me are dating now
    • No he doesn’t know I exist
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    Are you a popular student?

    • It depends I’m kinda popular on teams I’ve been on
    • No I’m the nerd around my school
    • Yah everyone is after me!
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    Do you have a lot of friends?

    • Everyone likes me but I like a couple people only!
    • I don’t like having a lot of friends I’ve handpicked the best from the rest
    • The librarian talks to me sometimes if that counts
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    Are you the teacher’s pet?

    • Nah she doesn’t like me I’m to good for her
    • Of course we are super close
    • No not real all but she likes me in general
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    Are you a follower?

    • Yah sometimes when I’m low
    • People don’t allow me to follow them but I wouldn’t because I have my own brain
    • Hell no I’m a leader for sure
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    How do you find life?

    • I think it’s fine if could be better but I guess you get what you get and you don’t regret!
    • I think it sucks I have nobody but I have teachers and books
    • I’m rich and I have fame plus game what else do I need
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    How’s life at home?

    • My family is very busy but we spend time arguing together if that counts
    • Well it’s pretty much normal parents siblings the usual sometimes things get cruel but we
    • My parents treat me like a princess because I am!
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    Are you a A grade student?

    • Sometimes I’m mostly in the B grade but I get A’s sometimes
    • Yah but I pay the teachers money to up my grade
    • Of course I study day and night and work hard for it
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    Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

    • Yah but he’s one in a million I don’t wanna lose him
    • No way nobody likes me in that way
    • Yah probably more than 3 at a time
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    What do you think the quiz will tell you?

    • I am a big fat nerd
    • I’m royalty of course!
    • I live like a

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