[TRIVIA QUIZ] Junie B Jones Dumb Bunny Quiz!

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    Who shows Junie B. and the rest of her class around a farm on a field trip?

    • Farmer McDonald
    • Farmer Flores
    • Farmer Bill
    • Farmer Shirley
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    What does Junie B. decide the Tooth Fairy does with teeth?

    • Makes A Castle With Them
    • Recycles Them
    • Collects Them
    • Throws Them Away
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    What does Junie B. do to break the pencil sharpener?

    • Throws It On The Floor On Purpose
    • Drops It Accidentally
    • Steps On It
    • Tries To Sharpen A Crayon
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    Which friend of Junie B.’s can speak another language?

    • José
    • Celia
    • Frank
    • Lennie
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    What color is Junie B.’s ‘cape’ when she is the Captain of Field Day?

    • Blue
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Pink
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    What is the name of the baby chick that Junie B. likes at the farm?

    • Fluffy
    • Spike
    • Samson
    • Fuzzy
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    Which classmate always forgets Junie B.’s ‘B’ when she is in first grade?

    • May
    • That Grace
    • Lucille
    • Charlotte
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    What fruit does Junie B. make out of clay?

    • A Purple Strawberry
    • A Blue Orange
    • A Yellow Lime
    • A White Blueberry
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    What color are Junie B.’s glasses?

    • Bluish Green
    • Pink With Blue Polka Dots
    • “Stupid Smelly Bus” Yellow
    • Purple
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    How many children are in Junie B.’s class on field day?

    • 13
    • 24
    • 18
    • 9

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