Kiss Quiz: Are you a good kisser?

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    When someone sneezes, what do you say?

    • Nothing
    • Here’s a tissue
    • Gesundheit
    • Bless you
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    When you bite your lip, what do you do?

    • Suck out any blood
    • Internalize the pain
    • Scream in agony
    • Tell everyone around you that you just bit your lip
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    What is the worst kissing experience you’ve had?

    • I don’t kiss and tell
    • Gum was exchanged
    • Someone burped in my mouth
    • Someone vomited while we were kissing
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    When you kiss someone you like, who is the first person you call?

    • Your best friend
    • Your sibling
    • Your parents
    • The person you kissed
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    What type of movie are you likely to try and kiss someone while watching?

    • Horror
    • Action
    • Romantic comedy
    • Animated
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    When you kiss him/her do you (answer according to the following below.)?

    • I kiss them (French) and I’m not a monkey doing it!
    • I look deeply into their eyes.
    • I close my eyes and kiss them with potential
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    Before you kiss him do you (answer according to the following)?

    • Lick your hand to test your breath.
    • I never have bad breath or rotting food in my mouth, so I’m fine.
    • My mouth isn’t really ever yucky; and he could have just the same breath as me.
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    Do you have to think about what you’re doing when you’re kissing?

    • Sometimes
    • Never
    • Rarely
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    Do you pucker? (stick out your lips when you kiss)

    • Only when needed
    • No, that’s weird
    • Always!
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    What do you do with your tongue?

    • Gently use it at the right time
    • NEVER jab in
    • Try to spell my name in their mouth!
    • Just stick it in their mouth.
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    Who do you think about when you’re kissing?

    • Taylor Lautner/ Megan Fox
    • Adam Sandler/ Ellen Degenorous
    • The person you’re kissing.
    • None of the above…
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    When you’re kissing, what do you do with your hands?

    • You put your hands in their hair
    • I don’t do anything with my hands..
    • Put your hands on their face
    • They slowly change positions
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    What has your boyfriend/girlfriend ever said to you about your kissing?

    • Amazing kisser
    • There have been times when they just quit kissing back.
    • Nothing..
    • They’ve had better…
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    What can you do with your mouth?

    • Fold my tongue
    • Slobber
    • Tie a cherry stem in a knot- by only using your tongue
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    What do you do when something your boyfriend/girlfriend does wrong?

    • Tell them what they did wrong
    • Just keep kissing.
    • Shout!
    • Move away from them
    • Correct them gradually
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    What kind of date is most appealing to you?

    • Hike in the woods
    • Fancy restaurant
    • Hitting up a nightclub
    • Movie night
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    How many people have you dated?

    • Less than 3
    • 4-6
    • More than 6
    • I’ve never gone on a date
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    What is your preferred mode of transportation?

    • Car or truck
    • I like cruising in a Vespa or scooter
    • I take my bicycle with me everywhere
    • I only run or walk
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    Would you describe your lips as…

    • Soft and ample
    • Soft and pouty
    • Thin and pleasant
    • Crisp and firm
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    How long has it been since you last kissed someone?

    • I kiss someone every night
    • Not since college
    • I’m a kissing fiend
    • I kiss my kids all the time
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    How do you feel about breaking the law?

    • I would never
    • I guess if the situation warrants
    • If my friends are doing it, I might.
    • Who doesn’t break the law a couple times in their life?
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    Have you ever been a part of a protest?

    • No thank you
    • I’ll sign the petition to get someone out of my hair
    • I’ve been to one or two to impress someone before
    • Tie me to a tree. I’m not leaving until our demands are met.
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    What is your favorite season?

    • Cuddly winter
    • Strolling autumn
    • Sultry summer
    • Wet spring
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    When do you enjoy cuddling most?

    • During a movie night
    • Waking up in the morning
    • When going to sleep
    • I don’t cuddle.
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    How much do you love your job?

    • I can’t imagine doing anything else.
    • Well, I enjoy hanging out with work friends.
    • I’d consider it a work-hate relationship
    • I don’t believe in work
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    How do you kiss someone?

    • I place my hands along their jaw line
    • I slide my hands around their shoulders
    • I give little pecks and tickles
    • I’m always on tip toes
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    Do you believe in love at first sight?

    • It can happen, just not to me
    • Sure, it can happen
    • I don’t believe in love
    • Nope, fairy tales are for the movies
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    What’s your living situation?

    • Friend’s couch
    • Apartment
    • Condo
    • House
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    What does rich mean to you?

    • Having thousands of acres and surrounded by nature
    • Personal fulfillment
    • A large family who loves me
    • Money!
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    What Cartoon character resembles your passion?

    • Fred Flintstone
    • Bandit from Johnny Quest
    • Scooby Doo
    • Luiz from Rio

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