How well do you rank on the smartness scale?


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    You love cats.

    • Hmm, a little.
    • No. Not a little.
    • Yes! I love them and own one/want to own one.
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    You are messy.

    • Maybe a little?
    • Oh yes! You would faint if you see my bed and desk.
    • Shut up! I love to clean my room and everything. Everything in my room is on its place.
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    You talk to yourself.

    • Well, sometimes. When I am getting bored.
    • Oh yes! I love it.
    • You think I am a geek?
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    You like to be alone.

    • I be alone sometimes. Not like every time I am awake.
    • What heck is this? Why would I be alone? I have dozens of friend to spend time with.
    • It’s true. I prefer being in my room with a book in my hand or watch TV.
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    You are a night owl.

    • No. I go to bed early.
    • Well, yeah. I stay awake a lot at night.
    • At most at midnight.
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    You are funny.

    • Yes! I always make people laugh.
    • OMG! You have to be serious if you want success.
    • People sometime laugh at my jokes.
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    You are curious.

    • Sometimes I want to read people’s minds.
    • What? I have a lot more to do.
    • Yeah. I tend to find everything. I search on Internet because I am curious. I also like to find out that what the other is thinking at certain times.
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    You swear a lot.

    • Sometimes when I am very angry.
    • Not at all. My vocabulary is larger than those who swear.
    • Yes. I swear sometimes, and when I don’t do in public, I do it in my mind. I occasionally mutter stuff as “Fuck you” and “Damn it”.
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    You worry a lot and think deeply.

    • Yes. On each and every thing.
    • A few times in a month, maybe?
    • I told you before that I have a lot to do.
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    And finally, do you think that you are smart?

    • Maybe yes? Maybe no? I am not sure.
    • Not at all.
    • I am the smartest person in the world.

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