Love, Lust Or Infatuation?

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    Has he/she told you their phone number? If so, have you talked on the phone with him/her?

    • No
    • Yes
    • No, but I’m going to ask for his/her number
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    How often do you two talk (by any means)?

    • About once a week
    • Almost/every night/day
    • We don’t really talk at all
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    Do you know him/her as a person? Do you two share secrets or talk about things you wouldn’t talk about in front of friends? Has he/she confided in you his/her life story, etc?

    • Yes, very well
    • Not really – who cares about that stuff? I’d rather jump into bed with him/her!
    • Yes, but only a little – we’re not very talkative
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    If you had to borrow some money from him/her, would you repay them – or hope they just forget about it?

    • I’d hope they’d forget about it
    • I’d repay them, of course!
    • It depends on the situation
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    Imagine yourself living in his/her skin, acting like and doing what he/she would normally do. Can you?

    • I guess it wouldn’t be that hard if I really tried
    • BORING! I wouldn’t want to be him/her
    • I’d feel perfectly comfortable with it – in fact, I’d love to be a part of what he/she likes to do
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    How long do you want to be with him/her?

    • When he/she gets boring, I’m out of here!
    • I don’t know – we haven’t talked about it
    • For a long time, maybe the rest of my life
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    What do you like about him/her the most?

    • I think he/she is really attractive – I guess they’ll be a nice person, too
    • He/she is really hot and cute!
    • I think he/she is a genuine, trustworthy person – who isn’t bad-looking, either:)
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    Why did you take this quiz?

    • I wanted to know if he/she loves me, too!
    • Just out of curiosity. I know he/she loves me – I don’t need a test to tell me. All this person has to do is call and say it
    • Because I wanted to find out what this person thinks of me – he/she is really good-looking!
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    Do you love this person?

    • No, of course not
    • I guess so! Look at the way I checked him/her out the other day!
    • Of course I do – and he/she knows it
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    Which dating show would you want to be on most?

    • ‘The Bachelor’ or ‘The Bachelorette’
    • ‘Dating Naked’
    • ‘The Dating Game’
    • ‘Blind Date’
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    Who’s your dream celebrity date?

    • Channing Tatum.
    • Marlin Monroe.
    • Tom Hardy.
    • Julia Roberts.
    • Just someone hot.
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    What do you say to get someone interested in you?

    • I’ll write you a song.
    • Wanna see my pet rock?!
    • Tell me about your dreams.
    • I love your style.
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    How did you handle your first fight in your last relationship?

    • I went on a long walk.
    • We talked things out.
    • We yelled and then we did other stuff 😉
    • We haven’t had a fight yet.
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    On a scale of one to four (one being the most superficial), how superficial are you when it comes to looks?

    • One.
    • Two.
    • Three.
    • Four.
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    What’s your relationship status?

    • Single.
    • Taken.
    • Married.
    • It’s complicated.
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    Have you used dating apps before?

    • You name it, I’ve tried it.
    • A few.
    • It’s my first time.
    • I’ve never really thought about using them.
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    Have you been dumped?

    • I’ve seen both sides of the spectrum.
    • I dumped them.
    • No.
    • Yes.
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    Have you ever received an inappropriate pick?

    • Only when I was dating my ex.
    • Too many to count.
    • I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it.
    • No…and I have a weird complex about it.
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    Do you kiss on a first date?

    • Who doesn’t?
    • Depends on how many drinks I’ve had *wink*.
    • Never!
    • Only if I really like the person.
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    Do you know his/her name?

    • No
    • Does it really matter?
    • Yes

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