Most Important First Task Trivia Quiz

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    In what month did the first task take place?

    • December
    • November
    • October
    • September
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    What day in the month was the first task?

    • twenty-second
    • twenty-third
    • twenty-fourth
    • twenty-first
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    What creatures does the first task feature?

    • dragons
    • hippogriffs
    • hinkypunks
    • grindylows
  • Question of

    Which spell did Harry use to retrieve the egg?

    • Transfiguration
    • Banishing Charm
    • An unforgivable curse
    • Summoning Charm
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    Was Harry the first, second, third or fourth Champion to face his dragon?

    • Fourth
    • First
    • Third
    • Second
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    Which part of Harry’s body did the Horntail graze?

    • Leg
    • Head
    • Arm
    • Shoulder
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    At what stage of the first task did Ron and Harry become friends again?

    • none of these
    • when it had finished
    • before it started
    • when Harry was in the dragon enclosure
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    How many points did Ludo Bagman give Harry?

    • 8
    • 9
    • 4
    • 10
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    What is the name of Ron’s brother(s) who helps look after the dragons?

    • Fred and George
    • Percy
    • Charlie
    • Bill
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    What did Harry say to Rita Skeeter, just after the task, when she wanted to talk to him?

    • ‘Of course you can’
    • ‘Get lost, I’m not talking to you!’
    • ‘No’
    • ‘Yeah, you can have a word, Goodbye’

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