Not Even Jughead Jones Could Pass This Riverdale Season 1 Quiz!



Riverdale is one of the most fascinating series I had ever seen. There are many iconic characters on that show. The story is basically about a young group who were busy in their normal life handling school, family, and romance get entangled in the mysteries of Riverdale. There are many interesting twists and turns in the story. One thing which amazes me is the fact that while still being a fiction story seems to be very realistic and thought provoking. There are many other things that caught my attention when the series ended.

The show was also awesome for the fact that the characters were neither absolute angels or devils. They were somewhere in between and were more real like. It increases the relatibility factor of the story. There are also many lessons which one could learn from the show. For example, we should not be too greedy as it may prove harmful for us. There are also minor subplots in the story which seems very coherent with the actual story. While it is also true that since it was a series spanning over several seasons the show had time to tell about the characters very well. There were many different things which we could infer from the story-line.

It is also shown that we even have multiple characters withing ourselves and that we should recognize them. We should introspect them for a moment and we would know the true fact. There are many other things which we should have known while we are watching the show. The show had some minor flaws like the dress code of the characters could be a bit more normal.

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  • Question of

    What is the name of the facility that Polly was forced to stay at?

    • Sisterhood of Forgotten
    • The Sisters of Forgiveness
    • The Sisters of Quiet Mercy
    • Saint Mary and Her Savior
  • Question of

    What does Archie’s dad do to give Jughead an alibi from Jason’s accident?

    • Plead guilty instead
    • Fake work time sheets
    • Give video evidence he was camping with Archie
    • Hand in a dinner receipt with a timestamp on it
  • Question of

    What does Cheryl admit to the police after they bring her in for questioning on her brother?

    • That he was running away
    • That he was being abused
    • That he wasn’t her real brother
    • That he was pursing a musical career
  • Question of

    What is the name of Cheryl’s brother?

    • Jackson
    • Jerry
    • Jason
    • Jacob
  • Question of

    What is the name of the group’s local hangout?

    • Pop’s Dine N’ Drive
    • Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe
    • Pop’s Shake N’ Shack
    • Pop’s Burger Palooza
  • Question of

    Where did Betty and Archie first meet Veronica Lodge?

    • At Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe
    • At Riverdale High
    • At Betty’s house
    • On the Southside
  • Question of

    Who is writing a novel on the mysterious events that keep happening in Riverdale?

    • Veronica
    • Archie
    • Betty
    • Jughead
  • Question of

    What is the name of Archie’s teacher he was secretly having a relationship with?

    • Miss Esther
    • Miss Grundy
    • Miss Gertrude
    • Miss Alpine
  • Question of

    Who was dating Jason?

    • Betty
    • Valarie
    • Josie
    • Polly
  • Question of

    What is the name of the school newspaper Betty and Jughead start up?

    • The Blue and Gold
    • Riverdale Stories
    • Tale of Riverdale
    • The Register
  • Question of

    Why do Betty and Veronica seek revenge against football player Chuck?

    • He tried to get Cheryl arrested
    • He cheated on Betty
    • His disrespect towards women
    • He faked an injury to get out of a test
  • Question of

    What is the name of the all-girl band that plays at many Riverdale events?

    • Val and the Pussycats
    • River Vixens
    • The Archie’s
    • Josie and the Pussycats
  • Question of

    What is the name of the apartment building where the Lodge family resides?

    • The Fallburne
    • The Estate
    • The Pembrooke
    • Thornhill Estate
  • Question of

    Why did Cheryl wear a white dress to her brother’s funeral?

    • That was the dress code
    • It was the one she was wearing the day he disappeared
    • She knew her brother was still alive
    • It was his least favorite color
  • Question of

    Why was Jughead so upset about the drive-in closing?

    • It was where he became a Serpent
    • It was his only source of income
    • It was his temporary home
    • It was where he took Betty on their first date

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