Off the Wall About Harry Potter, #4 Trivia Quiz

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    After running away from the Dursley’s, Harry took up a room at the Leaky Cauldron. What number room did he stay in?

    • 7
    • 11
    • 9
    • 3
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    While exploring all of those amazing shops in Diagon Alley, Harry returned almost everyday to gaze longingly at his dream broom, the Firebolt. What type of wood was the Firebolt’s handle made of?

    • Ash
    • Mahogany
    • Yew
    • Holly
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    While having dinner with Hermione and the Weasley family on the last night before their return to Hogwarts, Fred asks Mr. Weasley how they will be getting to King’s Cross the following day. What does Mr. Weasley answer?

    • ‘The ministry is sending a couple of taxis.’
    • ‘We’ll be doing side-along apparation.’
    • ‘The ministry’s providing a couple of cars.’
    • ‘It’s a just a short walk from here.’
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    When arriving for their first Care of Magical Creatures class, the students had all found ways of controlling their book ‘Monster Book of Monsters’. How had Draco Malfoy restrained his?

    • Clamped it together with binder clips
    • Belted it shut
    • Bound it shut with a length of rope
    • Crammed it inside a tight bag
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    When battling the boggart in Defense Against the Dark Arts, what form did it take when facing Dean Thomas?

    • A Banshee
    • A Severed Hand
    • A Mummy
    • A Bloody Eyeball
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    While Ron, Hermione, and his other classmates are in Hogsmeade, Harry stops in for a chat with Professor Lupin. What did Lupin tell Harry he had just taken delivery of for their next lesson?

    • Hinkypunks
    • Red Caps
    • Grindylows
    • Kappas
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    When having a drink in the Three Broomsticks with Rosmerta, Professor Flitwick, Cornelius Fudge, and Hagrid, Professor McGonagall orders which drink?

    • Four pints of mulled mead
    • A small gillywater
    • A cherry syrup soda with ice and an umbrella
    • Red currant rum
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    For Christmas, Harry and Ron receive yet another handmade sweater from Mrs. Weasley. Ron’s is, as usual, maroon. Harry’s is which color?

    • Emerald
    • Scarlet
    • Navy
    • Hunter
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    In the book during Harry’s first Quidditch match on his Firebolt, who is the new seeker for the opposing team?

    • Draco Malfoy of Slytherin
    • Cho Chang of Ravenclaw
    • Cedric Diggory of Hufflepuff
    • Zacharias Smith of Hufflepuff
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    What is the name of the man sent to execute Buckbeak, whom we later find out to be a Death Eater?

    • Avery
    • Rosier
    • Nott
    • Macnair
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    While in the Shrieking Shack, Hermione argues that Peter Pettigrew can’t be an Animagus because they must be registered with the Ministry of Magic. At the time, how many REGISTERED Animagi did Hermione say there had been in that century?

    • 13
    • 10
    • 11
    • 7
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    After fighting off the Dementors, Ron, Harry, and Hermione are in the hospital wing being tended to by Madam Pomfrey. What is her first name?

    • Penelope
    • Poppy
    • Perenelle
    • Pomona
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    After being captured by Snape, Sirius was being held in a room while waiting for the Dementors to perform their kiss. Where was the room located?

    • Thirteenth window from the right of the Astronomy Tower
    • Thirteenth window from the right of the West Tower
    • Sixteenth window from the right of the West Tower
    • Sixteenth window from the right of the Astronomy Tower
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    Harry has been reading ‘A History of Magic’ hoping to find facts to help write his paper ‘Witch Burning in the 14th Century was Completely Pointless…Discuss’. Which witch enjoyed being burned so much that she allowed herself to be caught no less that 47 times?

    • Sulwyn the Strange
    • Wendelin the Weird
    • Odelia the Odd
    • Bozica the Bizarre
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    On his birthday, Harry received cards from, among others, Ron. Included in Ron’s package was a Daily Prophet photo of him and his family in Egypt. In this photo, what type of hat is Percy wearing?

    • A fez
    • A ballcap
    • A beret
    • A page-boy

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