Off the wall about Harry Potter Quiz #5 Trivia

  • Question of

    On the night the Riddles were killed, their cook ran down to the local pub in Little Hangleton to gossip about what had happened. What was the name of the pub?

    • The Hang Man
    • The Hog’s Head
    • The Hanged Man
    • The Strangled Man
  • Question of

    The night Harry woke up from the ‘nightmare’ of seeing Voldemort kill the old Muggle man, what book had he fallen asleep reading?

    • ‘Quidditch Through the Ages’
    • ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’
    • ‘Flying with the Cannons’
    • ‘A History of Magic’
  • Question of

    Harry decides to write a letter to Sirius about his scar hurting. He tried to make the letter sound casual as he didn’t want anyone to make a big deal about it. In keeping it casual, he told Sirius that Dudley had thrown which of his possessions out the window?

    • His X-Box
    • His PlayStation
    • His Game-Cube
    • His PS2
  • Question of

    Over breakfast the morning Harry receives his invitation to the Quidditch World Cup from the Weasleys, what newspaper is Uncle Vernon reading?

    • The London Daily
    • The Daily Mail
    • The Daily Mirror
    • The Daily Record
  • Question of

    When Ron’s owl delivers his letter to Harry, Harry learns that Percy has gotten a job at the Ministry of Magic in London. In which department is he working?

    • Department of International Magical Cooperation
    • Department of Intercontinental Magical Collaboration
    • Department of International Magical Collaboration
    • Department of Intercontinental Magical Cooperation
  • Question of

    The day the Weasleys arrived to pick up Harry, what did Aunt Petunia serve for lunch?

    • Cottage cheese and grated carrots
    • Cottage cheese and carrot sticks
    • Cottage cheese and raisins
    • Cottage cheese and grated celery
  • Question of

    When Dudley’s tongue is growing to an enormous size, Mr. Weasley tries to help, knowing that its a simple Engorgement Charm that is causing it. Mr. Dursley however is not impressed and proceeds to pick what off the fireplace mantle to throw at Mr. Weasley?

    • Decorative Plate
    • Picture Frame
    • China Figure
    • Candlestick
  • Question of

    True or False: Charlie Weasley is built like Fred and George; shorter and stockier than Ron and Percy.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    Percy sticks his head out his bedroom window to bellow at Bill and Charlie for making too much noise (they were making two tables fly into each other, trying to knock the legs off each other’s table!). What floor do we find out Percy’s bedroom is on?

    • 3rd
    • 2nd
    • Bottom
    • Top
  • Question of

    Which country did Bertha Jorkins go on holiday to?

    • Yugoslavia
    • Albania
    • Bulgaria
    • Serbia
  • Question of

    All of the countries located in the British Isles lost early at the playoffs for the World Cup.

    • True
    • False

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