Percy Jackson: Who is your Godly Parent?

Early years of one’s life

Sally Jackson was a human who had the ability to see through the Mist when she gave birth to Perseus “Percy” Jackson on August 18, 1993. Poseidon is a Greek god of the oceans, storms, and horses, and Sally Jackson was a mortal who had the ability to see through the Mist. His mother named him after the legendary Greek hero Perseus as a good luck charm because his namesake was one of the few heroes in history who had a happy ending and died peacefully at the end of the story.

He and his mother were abandoned by their father when he was a newborn, as was customary for the gods, and in order to keep them safe from Zeus, who may become furious if it is discovered that his brother violated the pledge, because offspring of the Big Three are too strong for the gods’ comfort. Percy was assaulted by a snake when he was a kid, but he managed to choke it to death, much like the legendary demigod Hercules. While Percy was in his cradle, Poseidon would periodically pay him a visit, which Percy described as a “golden glow,” his father’s loving smile, and a hand on his head. His mother would tell him as he got older that his father had been “lost at sea,” and Percy would believe her. Percy was raised by his single mother, who was a single parent.

Getting to Know Gabe

Sally married Gabe Ugliano when Percy was a toddler in the hopes that his foul odor would protect her son from the monsters that would hunt him. Monsters are attracted to the scent of demigods – the more powerful they are, the stronger the scent – and because Percy is a son of one of the Big Three gods, Percy’s scent is stronger than that of other demigods. Percy disliked Gabe because he bullied and abused Percy’s mother on a regular basis, which Percy found offensive. Percy dubbed him “Smelly Gabe” because he reeked of “moldy garlic pizza wrapped in gym shorts,” as described by Percy. Gabe spent the most of his free time with his pals, playing poker.

Expulsion from School Earlier

Strange occurrences happened frequently in Percy’s environment, including an explosion on a school bus and the flooding of an aquarium, which frequently resulted in his getting into trouble: he was expelled from more than six schools over the course of six years. As a result, he was bullied by a large number of people, and his stepfather, Paul Blofis, believed that something was wrong with Percy and that he couldn’t possibly be normal.

As stated in The Blood of Olympus, Percy had been expelled from a number of military academies because they felt that paddling was beneficial to one’s spirit.

When Percy was in third grade, a big guy followed him around the schoolyard, but the instructors were able to coerce the man into leaving by threatening to contact the police. Nobody, on the other hand, believed Percy when he said that the man only had one large eye. They assumed he was insane and was having hallucinations.

In fourth grade, while on a field trip to an aquarium, he made the mistake of pressing the wrong button on a pulley on the catwalk when his class was visiting the Sea World Shark Pool, resulting in his class taking a “unplanned swim.”

When Percy was in the fifth grade, he made the mistake of unintentionally firing a war cannon, which struck the school bus while on a field trip to the Saratoga Battlefield.

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