What is your true persona?


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    Are you a person of faith?

    • I can only try my best to live up to that standard set by Jesus Christ.
    • What do you mean by this?
    • I’m atheist. We’re superior to believers anyway!
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    What is most important to you?

    • Knowledge
    • Friends and Family
    • God
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    What do you think about yourself?

    • I’m a very diligent worker. I am very helpful/enjoy praise.
    • There may be some issues with me/I AM A FAILURE!
    • It’s not about me/I can only try to be the best I can be.
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    What do you think about others?

    • Not for me to judge.
    • I enjoy helping them/Charity
    • I don’t think about others -OR- They know I am very good.
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    Do you go to Church sometimes (or other religious institution)?

    • No way -OR- It’s so annoying!
    • Yes -OR- Yes, but God comes before religion.
    • My parents make me/How can God come before religion? They’re EQUAL!
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    Why are you so ANGRY?

    • I’m not THAT angry -OR- What does THAT mean?
    • I’m NOT angry
    • I do not contain anger. We aren’t compatible -OR- I meditate
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    Do you meditate?

    • Mindfulness Meditation -OR- No, but I am a believer.
    • You mean like that Asian stuff? Hmmm… No
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    How’s school?

    • Not a fan of Public School -OR- Go to a Private/Home school
    • School’s fine
    • I HATE school!
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    But really, are you angry?

    • Not really.
    • No.
    • Maybe a little.
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    What do you think of the test?

    • Like it.
    • Don’t like the Christian stuff
    • OK

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How comfortable are you in your own skin?