Personality Quiz: Which Wand from Harry Potter Should You Have?

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    Complete this sentence. Evil wizards…

    • …aren’t so bad really
    • …should be avoided
    • …are sometimes useful
    • …must be defeated
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    A troll smashes down your front door. What do you do?

    • Blast it into a million pieces with a really complicated and powerful spell
    • Jump out the window and run away
    • Scare it away
    • Jam your wand up its nose
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    Pick a magical animal:

    • Unicorn
    • Dragon
    • Phoenix
    • Sasquatch
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    How long is this ball of string?

    • Really long
    • About the length of a school ruler
    • Medium, I guess
    • Not long enough
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    What would be the first thing you would do with a new wand?

    • Start learning how to use it properly
    • Go out into the garden and start zapping things
    • Try to turn your cat into a dog
    • Blow a hole through the wall of Ollivander’s wand shop
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    What did you have for your dinner last night?

    • A massive steak of some kind of unknown meat
    • Something with lots of vegetables in
    • Really, really burnt chicken
    • You didn’t eat any dinner and spent all night making scary noises instead
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    Do you play Quidditch?

    • Yes – and I’m really good at it
    • I might have a fly-about in the park but I wouldn’t say I’m a fan
    • If I wanted to play Quidditch I’d be really good at it. I just don’t feel like it.
    • Quidditch is a distraction and a waste of time
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    You really like your wand. But how much do you think it likes you?

    • My wand is completely loyal to me
    • It’s a reliable wand, but I’m not sure if it ‘likes’ me
    • I think it has a mind of it’s own
    • I’m worried it might turn against me one day
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    Are you a Muggle or a pure Wizard?

    • A muggle, and there’s nothing wrong with that
    • Half muggle, half wizard
    • I’m not sure
    • Urgh! Muggle? That’s disgusting!
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    Pick a tree!

    • Elder
    • Holly
    • Vine
    • Oak

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