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    How do you greet somebody you know deeply?

    • By facing towards his eyes and shaking hands
    • By facing down or hugging them (a bit)
    • By hugging them with a best attitude and respect
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    How do you greet a random person?

    • By hugging them (a bit) with a smile
    • By shaking hands only
    • By shaking hands with a smile while facing towards them
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    After greets, what is your reaction?

    • You walks away without any talk
    • You ask about them and then walks away
    • Says nothing
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    What if someone poke you in serious matter?

    • You ask for the reason?
    • Go to slap them
    • Asking reason with a smile
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    What if your friends are not calling you for hanging out?

    • Force going with them
    • Telling them I don’t want to be with y’all anymore
    • Ignoring them as they’re ignoring you
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    What if you and your enemy are stuck in a life or just moving?

    • You talk to them a bit only
    • You face oppositely
    • You are like nothing has happened
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    How you leave between your friends?

    • By greetings them completely
    • By ignoring all except with whom you are close
    • By saying them all that you are going
    • By greetings them a bit only (handshake or a little hug)
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    If, only when they needed, someone says to help them, will you help?

    • No, Absolutely No.
    • I will satisfy them but won’t work
    • I will do it and give them the result, nothing more than it, NO TALK, NO HUMOR
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    What if they call you for hanging out, specially!

    • I will go with them!
    • I won’t go with them by saying I am busy!
    • I will go with them by saying I was busy!
    • There would be a ‘mean’ to me that they called me for
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    Last Question! Are you afraid of your own work being failed?

    • Yes! Absolutely!
    • No! I will do it again and again!
    • I will give up!

Are you superstitious?

Are you truly pure?