Pick Your Fave Items and We’ll Tell You Where to Shop on Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. On Black Friday, retailers usually give steep discounts to kick off the holiday shopping season.

Learn more about Black Friday, including the number of shoppers, the total amount spent, and the retail industry’s influence.

How Is Black Friday Defined?
Black Friday is an informal term for the day after Thanksgiving. It’s frequently the busiest shopping day of the year, since it marks the start of the holiday shopping season. This is a critical season for the economy, especially for certain retailers, such as jewellers.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) reports that 84.2 million people shopped in stores on Black Friday and 37.8 million people shopped in stores on Thanksgiving Day in 2019. Over the four-day Black Friday weekend in 2019, 189.6 million people shopped, a 14% rise over 2018. However, Black Friday was not the most popular shopping day of the year in 2019. The distinction was bestowed upon Super Saturday, the Saturday preceding Christmas.

Regrettably, the holiday shopping season in 2020 will look very different than in previous years. While the NRF’s October survey showed that shoppers intend to spend approximately 1% less than they did in 2019, it also revealed that approximately 53% of shoppers intend to spend more this year due to the absence of holiday travel. Despite the availability of free delivery, 44% of shoppers plan to pay online and pick up gifts in-store.

The Christmas Shopping Season Begins Prior to Black Friday
According to the NRF’s annual November survey, approximately 42% of holiday shoppers began their shopping earlier than normal, with 59% doing so by the beginning of November. And it hasn’t all been done online. Seventy percent of respondents to the survey reported feeling comfortable shopping in stores so far this holiday season.

Early this year, retailers began encouraging holiday shopping, with several stocking shelves in October. As a result, the NRF discovered that 69% of shoppers have been able to locate all or a majority of the items they’ve been trying to purchase so far. Another 84 percent expressed trust in their ability to receive online purchases in time for the holidays.

Clothing and accessories, gift cards/certificates, and toys are the three most common things to purchase in 2020, according to the survey. Although gift cards are second in popularity, the NRF discovered that shoppers plan to purchase three to four gift cards, spending an average of about $163 per user, with total sales projected to hit $27.5 billion in 2020.

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    Which mask do you think you’d go for?

    • Coffee Face Mask.
    • Avocado Face Mask.
    • Gold Face Mask.
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    Which mug is your favourite?

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    Which pair of leggings would you pick?

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    Which type of bedding do you prefer?

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    Which outfit would you go for?

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    Which pair of earrings are your favourites?

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    • A6-3pick-your-fave-items-and-we-ll-tell-you-where-to-shop-on-black-friday-.jpg
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    Which of the two mirrors would you pick?

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    • A7-2pick-your-fave-items-and-we-ll-tell-you-where-to-shop-on-black-friday-.jpg
    • A7-3pick-your-fave-items-and-we-ll-tell-you-where-to-shop-on-black-friday-.jpg
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    Which pair of boots do you prefer?

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    • A8-2pick-your-fave-items-and-we-ll-tell-you-where-to-shop-on-black-friday-.jpg
    • A8-3pick-your-fave-items-and-we-ll-tell-you-where-to-shop-on-black-friday-.jpg
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    Which sofa do you think you’d pick?

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    • A9-2pick-your-fave-items-and-we-ll-tell-you-where-to-shop-on-black-friday-.jpg
    • A9-3pick-your-fave-items-and-we-ll-tell-you-where-to-shop-on-black-friday-.jpg
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    Which rug is your favourite?

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    • A10-2pick-your-fave-items-and-we-ll-tell-you-where-to-shop-on-black-friday-.jpg
    • A10-3pick-your-fave-items-and-we-ll-tell-you-where-to-shop-on-black-friday-.jpg

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