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Ways in which weddings changed in the US

Social Media Became a Major Player

Its no news when we say that social media platforms have had a major influence on everyone’s lifestyle. This influence can be traced in the wedding aspect of our life. Especially with the launch of platforms like Pinterest and Instagram in 2010. These platforms have completely revolutionised the idea of wedding one has. These platforms have provided couples and individuals with a plethora of ideas to inspire them and help them decide how they want their big day to be like. And Jennifer Zabinski of JZ Events in New York City agrees. These ideas provided by social media platforms are not only limited to decor but also include entertainment, catering and lighting aspects. But no ones likes a replica of someone else’s big day on their, so vendors face a challenge of pleasing their client with something different.

Spending Habits Changed

It is indeed true that Millennial and Gen Z are very different than previous generation and these couples have cash that they tend to dispose quite generously on their habits and without having to be dependent on their parents. Their spending habits change as they want to invest in their wedding in order to make it grand. It indeed becomes exciting when the couples along with the cash have the agency to do whatever they with to with their wedding, making it a unique and memorable experience for everyone

“Lovers must not, like usurers, live for themselves alone. They must finally turn from their gaze at one another back toward the community. If they had only themselves to consider, lovers would not need to marry, but they must think of others and of other things. They say their vows to the community as much as to one another, and the community gathers around them to hear and to wish them well, on their behalf and its own. It gathers around them because it understands how necessary, how joyful, and how fearful this joining is. These lovers, pledging themselves to one another “until death,” are giving themselves away, and they are joined by this as no law or contract could join them. Lovers, then, “die” into their union with one another as a soul “dies” into its union with God. And so here, at the very heart of community life, we find not something to sell as in the public market but this momentous giving. If the community cannot protect this giving, it can protect nothing…”
― Wendell Berry, Sex, Economy, Freedom, and Community: Eight Essays

“Two Trees
A portion of your soul has been
entwined with mine
A gentle kind of togetherness, while
separately we stand.
As two trees deeply rooted in
separate plots of ground,
While their topmost branches
come together,
Forming a miracle of lace
against the heavens.”
― Janet Miles, Images of Women in Transition

“Laurel: I don’t need a ring or a license, or a spetacular white dress. It’s not marriage so much, or at all really, that matters. It’s the promise. It’s the knowing someone wants me to be part of his life. Someone loves me, that I’m the one for him. That’s not just enough, it’s everything.”
― Nora Roberts, Savor the Moment


“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    Will the ceremony be held indoors or outdoors?

    • Indoors
    • Outdoors
    • A bit of both
    • Doesn’t matter to me
  • Question of

    A historical wedding needs which of these forms of entertainment?

    • Live painter
    • Comedian
    • Magician
    • Photobooth
  • Question of

    Which of these flowers will adorn the chapel?

    • Gardenia
    • Hydrangea
    • Buttercup
    • Peony
  • Question of

    How will the bride wear her hair?

    • Romantic low ponytail
    • Vintage-style curls
    • Half-up waterfall braid
    • Classic low chignon
  • Question of

    How many butlers will you require for the wedding?

    • Less than five
    • More than 15
    • Between five and 15
    • None
  • Question of

    What flavor will the wedding cake be?

    • Chocolate raspberry truffle
    • Salted caramel
    • Cookies and cream
    • Lemon berries
  • Question of

    How many people will attend this historical wedding?

    • Around 50 to 100
    • More than 1,000
    • Around 500
    • Just a few
  • Question of

    How will you send RSVP invitations?

    • Other
    • I’ll use pigeons to deliver letters.
    • By word of mouth
    • Through email
  • Question of

    What’s the overall theme of this wedding?

    • Rustic
    • Whimsical
    • Bohemian
    • Garden party
  • Question of

    What type of wedding dress will the bride wear?

    • A-line dress
    • Ballgown
    • Trumpet dress
    • Mermaid dress
  • Question of

    Where will this historical wedding take place?

    • Malibu
    • Las Vegas
    • New York City
    • Rome
  • Question of

    What type of food will be served at the reception?

    • Seafood
    • Pasta
    • Tacos
    • Burgers
  • Question of

    Pick a beautiful wedding ring for the bride.

    • By limo
    • By horse carriages
    • I have no idea.
    • By regular automobiles
  • Question of

    Let’s talk about how much this is all going to cost.

    • Classic solitaire ring
    • Halo ring
    • Three stone ring
    • Side stone ring
  • Question of

    Let’s talk about how much this is all going to cost.

    • $50,000
    • Over $200,000
    • $100,000
    • $10,000

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