Plan An Engagement Party And We’ll Reveal The Perfect Wedding Dress

  • Question of

    Choose a hairstyle

    • Ballerina bun
    • Loose waves
    • Loose braid decorated with flowers
    • Half-up, half-down
  • Question of

    Pick a makeup look

    • No makeup
    • Mascara, blush, and lipstick
    • Kardashian look
    • Glittery eyeshadow and pale lips
  • Question of

    Pick some appetizers

    • Mini quiches
    • Gourmet pigs in a blanket
    • Mini Swedish meatballs
    • Spanakopita
  • Question of

    Choose an engagement party activity

    • Pin the ring on the bride
    • Bride or Groom?
    • How well do you know your fiancĂ©?
    • Couples face-off
  • Question of

    Describe the groom-to-be

    • Handsome and mysterious
    • Kind and patient
    • Smart and funny
    • Trustworthy and simple
  • Question of

    Describe the proposal

    • At our favorite restaurant
    • While on vacation
    • At our home
    • In front of friends and family
  • Question of

    Pick a main course

    • Lamb and potatoes
    • Filet mignon, rice, and turnips
    • Salmon, asparagus, and couscous
    • Tofu skewers with roasted vegetables and salad
  • Question of

    Describe the drink situation

    • Open bar
    • Tabs
  • Question of

    DJ or live band

    • DJ
    • Live band
  • Question of

    Pick a season

    • Summer
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Spring
  • Question of

    Pick a party favor

    • Printed coffee mugs
    • Personalized keychains
    • Jars of organic honey
    • Scented candles with personalized label
  • Question of

    Cash or registry

    • Cash
    • Registry
  • Question of

    Pick an outfit for the event

    • White pantsuit
    • White mini dress
    • High waisted pants with a blouse
    • Pencil skirt and a blouse
  • Question of

    Choose some footwear

    • High heels
    • Open-toed shoes
    • Flats
    • Wedges
  • Question of

    Describe the dance floor

    • No one is dancing, not that kind of party
    • A few people are dancing
    • About half of the guests are dancing
    • Everyone is dancing and having a great time

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Plan An Engagement Party And We’ll Reveal The Perfect Wedding Dress