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“He loved her for almost everything she was & she decided that was enough to let him stay for a very long time.”
Brian Andreas

“Through my love for you, I want to express my love for the whole cosmos, the whole of humanity, and all beings. By living with you, I want to learn to love everyone and all species. If I succeed in loving you, I will be able to love everyone and all species on Earth… This is the real message of love.”
Thich Nhat Hanh,

“Unrequited love is the infinite curse of a lonely heart.”
Christina Westover

“I have no right to say or do anything that diminishes a man in his own eyes. What matters is not what I think of him but what he thinks of himself. Hurting a man in his dignity is a crime.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

“That’s why I loved being with you. We could do the simplest things, like toss starfish into the ocean and share a burger and talk and even then I knew that I was fortunate. Because you were the first guy who wasn’t constantly trying to impress me. You accepted who you were, but more than that, you accepted me for me. And nothing else mattered– not my family or your family or anyone else in the world. It was just us.”
Nicholas Sparks,

“You like every one; that is to say, you are indifferent to every one.”
Oscar Wilde,

“Rejection is an opportunity for your selection.”
Bernard Branson

“We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everyhwere.”
Tim McGraw

“He wasn’t the type for displays of affection, either verbal or not. He was disgusted by couples that made out in the hallways between classes, and got annoyed at even the slightest sappy moments in movies. But I knew he cared about me: he just conveyed it more subtly, as concise with expressing this emotion as he was with everything else. It was in the way he’d put his hand on the small of my back, for instance, or how he’d smile at me when I said something that surprised him. Once I might have wanted more, but I’d come around to his way of thinking in the time we’d been together. And we were together, all the time. So he didn’t have to prove how he felt about me. Like so much else, I should just know.”
Sarah Dessen,

“Annabeth,” he said hesitantly, “in New Rome, demigods can live their whole lives in peace.”
Rick Riordan,

“You fit into me
Margaret Atwood

“Hope for love, pray for love, wish for love, dream for love…but don’t put your life on hold waiting for love.”
Mandy Hale,

“I won’t telephone him. I’ll never telephone him again as long as I live. He’ll rot in hell, before I’ll call him up. You don’t have to give me strength, God; I have it myself. If he wanted me, he could get me. He knows where I am. He knows I’m waiting here. He’s so sure of me, so sure. I wonder why they hate you, as soon as they are sure of you.”
Dorothy Parker,

“When God knows you’re ready for the responsibility of commitment, He’ll reveal the right person under the right circumstances.”
Joshua Harris,

“We ruined each other by being together. We destroyed each other’s dreams.”
Kate Chisman,

“You Can’t Lose Something You Never Had”
Kate G. Hudson

“Don’t worry about hurting me, if that’s what you’re afraid of. I want to get hurt. At least I´ll feel something for a change.”
Katie Kacvinsky,

“Perfectly Imperfect
Steve Maraboli,

“If you’re trapped in the dream of the Other, you’re fucked.”
Gilles Deleuze

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  • Question of

    Be A Hopeless Romantic Or Lack Most Emotions?

    • Hopeless Romantic
    • Lack Most Emotions
  • Question of

    Have Way Too Many Friends Or No Friends At All?

    • Too Many Friends
    • No Friends
  • Question of

    Be Famous Or Powerful?

    • Famous
    • Powerful
  • Question of

    Live In A Perfect Virtual Reality Or The Real World?

    • Virtual Reality
    • Real World
  • Question of

    Live Without The Internet Or Without Running Water?

    • Live Without Internet
    • Live Without Running Water
  • Question of

    Be Forgotten Or Known Forever As A Historical Villain?

    • Forgotten
    • Known Forever As A Historical Villain
  • Question of

    Visit Mars Or Venus?

    • Mars
    • Venus
  • Question of

    Ride A Giraffe Or An Ostrich?

    • Giraffe
    • Ostrich
  • Question of

    Be Followed By A Clown Or A Ghost?

    • Clown
    • Ghost
  • Question of

    Live Underwater Or Underground?

    • Underwater
    • Underground
  • Question of

    Have A Pet Dragon Or A Pet Unicorn?

    • Dragon
    • Unicorn
  • Question of

    Whisper Constantly Or Shout Constantly?

    • Whisper
    • Shout
  • Question of

    Get Revenge Or Get Over It?

    • Get Revenge
    • Get Over It
  • Question of

    Have No Toes Or No Fingers?

    • No Toes
    • No Fingers
  • Question of

    Be Batman Or Iron Man?

    • Batman
    • Iron Man
  • Question of

    Be Stuck With A Constant Smile Or A Constant Frown?

    • Constant Smile
    • Constant Frown
  • Question of

    Send An Accidental Text To Your Crush Or All Your Co-Workers?

    • My Crush
    • All My Co-Workers
  • Question of

    Talk Only In Rhymes Or Say Everything Backwards?

    • Talk In Rhymes
    • Talk In Jokes
  • Question of

    Babysit A Bunch Of Teenagers Or A Baby?

    • Bunch Of Teenagers
    • Baby
  • Question of

    Stop Playing Video Games Or Stop Using A Smartphone?

    • Stop Playing Video Games
    • Stop Using A Smartphone
  • Question of

    Forget Yourself Or Be Forgotten By Others?

    • Forget Who I Am
    • Have Everyone Else Forget Who I Am
  • Question of

    Use Sandpaper Or Poison Ivy As Toilet Paper?

    • Sandpaper
    • Poison Ivy
  • Question of

    Live In The Sahara Desert Or In Antarctica?

    • Sahara
    • Antarctica
  • Question of

    Star In An Action Movie Or A Romantic Comedy?

    • Action Movie
    • Romantic Comedy
  • Question of

    Only Listen To 70’s Music Or 90’s Music?

    • 70’s Music
    • 90’s Music

Play A Game Of ‘Would You Rather’ To Reveal Your TV Twin

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