Which Harry Potter Character Are You Most Like?

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    Take a Divination or Care of Magical Creatures class?

    • Divination
    • Care of Magical Creatures
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    Spend a night in the Forbidden Forest or the Chamber of Secrets?

    • Forbidden Forest
    • Chamber of Secrets
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    Have a pet owl or snake?

    • Owl
    • Snake
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    Be in Hufflepuff or Slytherin?

    • Hufflepuff
    • Slytherin
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    Visit Honeydukes or Zonko’s?

    • Honeydukes
    • Zonko’s
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    Have dinner with Albus Dumbledore or Rubeus Hagrid?

    • Albus Dumbledore
    • Rubeus Hagrid
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    Take Potions with Professor Snape or Professor Slughorn?

    • Professor Snape
    • Professor Slughorn
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    Spend a day with Molly or Arthur Weasley?

    • Molly Weasley
    • Arthur Weasley
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    Be in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw?

    • Gryffindor
    • Ravenclaw
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    Be a muggle or a squib?

    • Muggle
    • Squib
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    Have a malfunctioning wand or a malfunctioning broomstick?

    • Malfunctioning wand
    • Malfunctioning broomstick
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    Compete in a Triwizard challenge or breakout of Gringotts on the back of a dragon?

    • Compete in a Triwizard challenge
    • Break out of Gringotts on the back of a dragon
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    Have Gilderoy Lockhart or Quirinus Quirrell for Defense Against the Dark Arts?

    • Gilderoy Lockhart
    • Quirinus Quirrell
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    Be interviewed by Rita Skeeter or photographed by Colin Creevey?

    • Interviewed by Rita Skeeter
    • Photographed by Colin Creevey
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    Attend Beauxbatons or Durmstrang?

    • Beauxbatons
    • Durmstrang

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