Quiz: Are You More Of A Fiction Or A Non-Fiction Reader? We Can Tell!

  • Question of

    Choose a classic author!

    • J. K. Rowling
    • Jane Austen
  • Question of

    Which are you more drawn to?

    • Fantasy
    • Realism
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    If you had to choose one book to read every day for the rest of your life, it would be _____.

    • a book that would transport you to a new world
    • a book that would teach you something
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    You’ve decided to give your friend a book. What do you get him/her?

    • A book by a new author I’ve just discovered
    • A current bestseller that I think will suit him/her
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    You’ve finished your last book… now what do you do?

    • Reread my favorites until I find a new book to enjoy
    • Look up the list of books I’ve wanted to read and order one
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    Which of these quotes appeals to you most?

    • A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.
    • “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
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    What do you look for when choosing a book?

    • Something a bit different/unusual
    • Something recommended to me by friends
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    You’ve got an hour to spend in the bookstore/library. Where do you start?

    • Check out my favorite authors first
    • Bounce around from section to section
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    If I had to read a classic, it’d be:

    • Wuthering Heights: feel for the star-crossed Heathcliff and Cathy
    • Anna Karenina: its ending is tragic, but she deserved her fate
  • Question of

    Happy endings are usually…

    • satisfying
    • boring
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    When do biographies and memoirs interest you?

    • When the person lived an exciting life
    • When I admire the people they’re about
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    When reading, what are you most drawn in by:

    • The experience of living in another world for a little while
    • A new perspective on ideas I’d never considered before
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    You’re most likely to choose a book because:

    • It’s on a best-seller list
    • The cover or title caught your eye
  • Question of

    You will abandon a book when:

    • None of the information is new or useful
    • The writing isn’t original or creative
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    The last time you read a 500-page book, you:

    • Learned so much
    • Loved getting lost in the minutiae of the story

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