Quiz: Do You Want To End Your Relationship?

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    Does your partner make you feel bad about yourself? Does your partner undermine your self-confidence? Does your partner break you down instead of building you up?

    • Yes!
    • Somewhat, but I am confident in who I am and can assert myself.
    • No, I feel loved and accepted for who I am.
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    Do you take part in each other’s lives and are you involved and interested in each other’s activities and interests?

    • Yes, very much so.
    • Kind of, but we are not actively involved with each other’s lives, but are interested and talk about it.
    • No, we are living separate lives. We eat and sleep together.
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    Do you really know your partner? Do you know how he/she thinks and feels about things?

    • Very much so.
    • No, I am not sure how my partner’s head works and find it difficult to understand him/her sometimes.
    • Sometimes my partner still does something that makes me feel that he/she is a stranger to me. It can be unnerving.
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    Do you have fun together? Do you share a sense of humor? How much do you laugh together?

    • No, we are from different planets.
    • Yes, we have a lot of fun!
    • I don’t always ‘get’ his/her idea of fun, but we try to make it work.
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    Do you feel financially safe? Do you trust your partner with your money? Is your partner financially responsible?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I feel nervous when my partner handles money-matters.
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    Does your partner support your career? Does your partner encourage you to further your career or whatever you are busy with?

    • Very much so.
    • Somewhat, but would rather have me spend all my spare time with them or at home.
    • No, it is always something to argue about.
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    Does your partner take care of you when you are feeling ill or when you feel a bit low about something? Does your partner support you emotionally?

    • Yes, my partner is always there for me.
    • No, if I’m not ‘up’ my partner tends to avoid or criticize me.
    • My partner is not good with ‘down,’ but really tries to support me and be there for me.
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    If you have an accident and lose a limb, will your partner support and care for you even if you are not whole anymore?

    • No
    • Yes, we stand by each other through good and bad times.
    • Not sure. My partner will possibly not be able to cope with it.
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    If the relationship ends, will you feel relief and feel glad that you are away from it?

    • Very much so.
    • A big part of me will feel relief, but I will also feel sad and hurt.
    • No.
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    How do you feel about each other’s families? Do you get on and enjoy spending time with them?

    • Yes, it is great to be part of this family.
    • No, I avoid them at all cost.
    • I tolerate them and say and do the right things to keep the peace.
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    Are you able to deal with conflict in a positive way?

    • Mostly, but sometimes it is easier to ignore an issue to keep the peace. Arguments between us can be really bad.
    • Yes, we talk things though and find a solution or compromise.
    • No, arguments between us usually end very badly and cause a great deal of hurt and damage to our relationship.
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    Do you share the same goals and values? Are you heading in the same direction?

    • We have a beautiful live to look forward to.
    • No, we don’t agree on everything but will support each other as we go along.
    • No, not really.
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    Do you feel sexually satisfied? Are your needs anticipated and met? Do you have a good sex life?

    • No, it is a struggle.
    • Yes! Yes! Yes!
    • It’s not always good, but I will stay in it to keep the relationship going.
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    Does your partner go out of his/her way to make you happy and do little things for you?

    • No, I’m very low on his priority list.
    • Sometimes, but we tend to slack off in that aspect of our relationship.
    • Yes, I feel loved and cared for.
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    Do you feel happy and fulfilled?

    • Yes, I’m home.
    • I tend to wish for more or I sometimes wish I could change this or that about my partner.
    • Not really, but this is my life now.
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    Your partner gets home late after a good night out. You immediately assume…

    • They’ve been cheating
    • They’ve gotten into trouble
    • They lost track of the time
    • They got a bit too drunk
    • None of the above
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    You discover that your partner has been cheating! What do you do?

    • Confront them
    • Get really annoyed
    • Attempt to contact the ‘mistress’
    • Do nothing / None of the above
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    Why did you get together with this person in the first place?

    • I knew they were The One
    • I have no idea…!
    • Your female friends encouraged it
    • Your male friends encouraged it
    • Other
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    Has there ever been a proposal of marriage?

    • Yes, more than once
    • Yes, once
    • No, not yet anyway
    • There will NEVER be a proposal!
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    Your favourite colour is…?

    • Red / Orange / Yellow
    • Blue / Indigo / Violet
    • Green / Teal / Turquoise
    • Pink / White / Black / Gold
    • None of the above

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