Quiz: Does Your Crush Like You Or Not?

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    Question 1: Does he ever talk to you?

    • Yes, actually all the time!!! *day dreams*
    • Kinda, sometimes.
    • Like once or twice, not too much.
    • NEVER!!!!! sadly *sighs*
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    Question 2: Do you guys talk?

    • Yeah we talk alot, he’s so talkative! 😀
    • Yeah, he kinda talks to me occasionally, yeahknow, 50/50
    • Yeah, sometimes, but when he does its a relaxed conversation, friendly,… school.. etc..
    • NOT AT ALL!!!!!! (Or rarely! D:)
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    Question: Has he ever….

    • Kissed you? (Not from a dare, you kno what i mean.)
    • Hugged you?
    • Held hands? (high five, armwrestling, etc…)
    • Asked you out?? Wo girl! (After school activitys?)
    • ‘Accidently’ bumped into you?
    • He has NEVER touched me!!!!
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    Question 4: You get a new skirt that makes you look good, what does he say?

    • ‘That’s hot’ or something like that.
    • ‘You look nice!’ and smiles
    • ‘oh… nice…. skirt…’ then looks away.
    • Looks away.
    • Ignores you and says nothing, pretending he never saw you.
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    Question 5: Where does he stare at you?

    • In the eyes.. *soooo dreamy!* XP
    • In the eyes but looks away quickly.
    • At the ground or around.
    • He never looks at me!!!! He pretends i’m not there!!! 🙁
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    Question 6: How are his friends around you?

    • They look at me, laugh and giggle and point, they’re very nice.
    • They smile at me. They’re a little nicer.
    • They don’t really look at me. Everyonce and a while.
    • They throw stuff at you and tell you to go away
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    Some of the best romances are based in friendship. Which of the following best describes your fam level with your crush?

    • Some people might consider us BFFs.
    • We’re chill and hang out with the same crew.
    • We know a lot of the same people but aren’t really friends.
    • We’re basically strangers.
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    If your crush were to up and ghost you, how would you react?

    • I’d seriously be so shook.
    • I would be pretty bummed.
    • Tbh, I wouldn’t be all that surprised.
    • I’d be like bye Felicia.
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    Be honest, bruh. Does your crush know your last name?

    • Omg, of course.
    • I’m pretty sure I’ve heard them say it.
    • Is that actually important?
    • Lol no way.
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    This is big important. Does your crush ever flirt with you?

    • Yes, and I totally get my flirt on right back.
    • Um, I think so. It’s cute but also awkward AF.
    • OOF, it’s basically impossible to tell for sure.
    • STAWP, that’s seriously the only thing I want in life.
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    Imagine a troll said something rude AF about you on social media. How do you think your crush would react?

    • They would for sure come to my defense and tell the troll to STFU.
    • They might send me a DM to tell me not to worry about it.
    • Tbh, I don’t they’d do anything.
    • My crush would probably be the troll.
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    When you and your crush disagree about something, how do they generally react?

    • They listen to my ideas to try to see the issue from my point of view.
    • They laugh it off and suggest we talk about something else.
    • They get way tilted and storm off.
    • They give me the silent treatment.
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    On a scale from one to four, how thirsty are you for your crush?

    • Two, but not in a desperate way (I think).
    • Three, but it would be more if I could figure them out.
    • One, I’m kind of whatever about them.
    • Four, they’re seriously all I think about.
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    We high key have to ask this one. Is your crush already in a relationship?

    • Nope, they’re single AF.
    • They’ve never said anything, but their friends say they’re single.
    • Idk, it seems complicated.
    • Yes, and they post the cutest pics.
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    We know this is a big middle school mood, but does your crush ever tease you?

    • Often, and it’s so freaking adorable.
    • Yes, but it can seem a little forced.
    • Sometimes, but it’s sort of mean.
    • Only in my head.
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    Winning over their squad is vital. How do your crush’s friends act when you’re around?

    • They tease them a little but nothing too savage.
    • It’s pretty chill, but I can’t really tell if they like me.
    • It’s kinda weird like I’m invading their space.
    • I’ve never hung out with my crush’s friends.
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    If you and your crush are out in a group, how do they usually act?

    • They’re by me the whole night.
    • We make some eye contact from across the room.
    • They might say hi, but we don’t really interact much.
    • It’s like I’m not even there (probably because I’m not).
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    Let’s not throw too much shade, but how do you compare to your crush’s ex?

    • I’m way nicer, way smarter and way cuter.
    • Idk, I guess we’re sort of similar.
    • They seem to remember them really fondly.
    • Ugh, don’t remind me that their ex is perfect.
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    When you and your crush make eye contact, what’s the vibe?

    • Everything around us melts away.
    • It’s chill, I think.
    • It’s so fleeting idk if it really counts.
    • Weird flex but ok.
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    Go check the receipts. How frequently do you and your crush talk?

    • We’re basically never not texting.
    • We chat it up on the reg but not like every day or whatever.
    • One time they said hi to me.
    • OOF, we’ve never actually exchanged words.

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