Quiz: Everyone Has A TV Mom That Matches Their Personality. Who’s Yours?

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    Which of the following businesses would you be interested in managing?

    • Spa and Wellness center
    • Coffee shop
    • Home decor store
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    You can only grab one of the following items from a burning house. Which one would you grab?

    • Legal documents
    • Jewelry
    • Photo albums
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    If you’re lost in the woods, what’s the first thing you search for?

    • Food
    • Water
    • Shelter
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    Choose your favorite cake flavor:

    • Vanilla
    • Red Velvet
    • Lemon
    • Chocolate
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    Choose your morning fuel.

    • Water
    • Tea
    • Coffee
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    Upon returning from a trip, do you unpack and do laundry right away?

    • No
    • Yes
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    When preparing for a week-long trip, how far in advance do you pack your suitcase?

    • Weekend before
    • 2-3 days before
    • The night before
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    How would you describe the current state of your closet?

    • It’s an organized mess
    • Messy
    • Organized
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    Which of the following destinations would you like to visit first?

    • Bali
    • Peru
    • Italy
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    Which of the following subjects would you like to learn more about?

    • Latest gadgets
    • Politics
    • Fashion and beauty
    • Cars
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    Which of the following would you be most interested in learning?

    • Welding
    • Ceramics
    • Photography
    • Cooking
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    You have a potluck at work. Which of the following would you most likely bring?

    • Appetizers like a veggie tray or maybe even chips
    • Dessert
    • A casserole
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    If you arrive at a party, and none of your friends are in sight, what would you do?

    • Try to mingle
    • Wait outside until one of them arrives
    • Leave
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    Which of the following words would your friends use to describe you?

    • Creative
    • Funny
    • Sociable
    • Determined
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    Do you and your mom have the same sense of style?

    • Not really
    • Yes!
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    It’s Mother’s Day! What will you do for your mom?

    • Send her flowers
    • Plan an entire day of activities that includes shopping
    • Prepare an elaborate meal
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    Were you able to talk to your mom about your past relationships?

    • Nope.
    • Yes!
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    How many kids would you/did you want to have?

    • 2-4
    • At least 5
    • 1

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