Quiz: Is He Just A Player? (Girls Only)

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    How often does he talk to you?

    • No, he just stares.
    • Rarely!
    • Whenever we see each other.
    • Most of the time.
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    What does he call you?

    • Just my name.
    • A special name that only me and he get.
    • Catchy words such as babe, darling, hottie, sweetie etc…
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    Does he flirt a lot?

    • All the time with a few people.
    • With everybody at one point or another.
    • Only with me and ALL THE TIME!
    • Yeah sometimes but only with me.
    • He doesn’t flirt at all!
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    You meet him when he is with his friends, how does he react?

    • He doesn’t even know you.
    • He talks to me but he doesn’t flirt.
    • He is just the same.
    • He flirts even more.
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    Does he have a girlfriend?

    • Yeah, two or three.
    • No, he doesn’t.
    • Yes! There is one girl.
    • Yeah, he has one. But he is considering to breakup with her for me.
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    Has this guy got anger issues? I mean, what if someone from school/college or even in his friends’ circle offends him, would he get angry easily?

    • I can say no. This guy is pretty calm I believe.
    • I think so. He even fought with someone over some stuff.
    • He gets pissed off but doesn’t react always.
    • What the hell are you talking about? Does it even matter?
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    Is this guy a party over-doer? I mean is he a party beast, including drinking, smoking, clubbing till late nights?

    • Yes! What’s wrong with that?
    • Yeah, kind of like this!
    • No way. He is no party beast. Just a casual partying guy.
    • Not at all! He doesn’t go to clubs or bars. He would rather go to anywhere else…
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    Does he ever show off anything?

    • Yes, his bike/car.
    • Yeah, his muscles.
    • Not really…
    • His popularity in school/college.
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    Do you think hes a player?

    • Yes
    • Idk
    • No
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    Does he flirt with you? Does he flirt with other girls?

    • yes and yes
    • yes and no
    • no and yes
    • no and idk
    • no and no
    • yes and idk
  • Question of

    Does he call you often?

    • yes
    • no
    • I don’t have a phone/ his number
  • Question of

    did you ask him out? what did he say?

    • Yes and yes
    • yes and no
    • he has a GF
  • Question of

    if you did date how long?

    • 0- 2weeks
    • 2-a month
    • a month- 6 weeks
    • 6weeks above
    • did not date him
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    does he look at you? does he look at other girls 2?

    • yes and yes
    • yes and no
    • yes and idk
    • no/idk/idc
  • Question of

    how many gf has had recently (about how long you are in your grade level) ?

    • 0-5
    • 5-10
    • 10-20!
    • 20+
    • idk
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    on a scale of 1-10 how attractive is he?

    • 1-3 not that good looking (aka: uglyish)
    • 3-5 could look alot more attractive
    • 5-7 not bad
    • 7-10 hes sizzling hot!
  • Question of

    okay on a scale of 1-10 again how is his personality?

    • 1-3 horrible
    • 3-4 not really great…
    • 4-6 its middle
    • 6-10 super! flirty gives me compliments alot smiling
  • Question of

    Does he show feelings to you like angry, sad, happy normal emotions

    • yes
    • no only happy sweet nice 24/7
  • Question of

    How much does he compliment you and flirt and stuff w/u?

    • None
    • a little
    • ALOT
  • Question of

    Does he physically touch you? how much?

    • None!
    • a little
    • somewhat
    • oh yea alot!
  • Question of

    Does he excessively try to make you laugh, smile, get closer to him?

    • yes alot
    • nah not really
    • a little
    • somewhat
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    Last question are u falling for him (do things for him, let him touch you, call and/or text him?)

    • yes
    • no
    • inbetween

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