QUIZ: Should you get a tattoo or a piercing next?

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    Do you worry about what your family will think of your modifications?

    • Kind of.
    • Totally.
    • I could care less.
    • No, I want them to not like it.
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    Do you want work done on your face?

    • No way!
    • Well yeah.
    • Hmm, maybe, but that might be a bit extreme.
    • Yes, as well as other places.
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    Where might you hang out?

    • A coffee shop.
    • A poetry reading.
    • At an art gallery.
    • At a club.
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    What do you collect?

    • Comic books.
    • Books.
    • Guitars.
    • Animal skulls.
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    What do you do if you are mad at someone?

    • I ignore them.
    • I talk to them.
    • I plot on how to get them back.
    • I scream at them.
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    What kind of bar would you hang out at?

    • An upscale bar.
    • A brewpub.
    • A hipster bar.
    • A dive bar.
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    Are you a good artist?

    • I think I am pretty good.
    • I’m not artistic at all.
    • Yes, I am very good.
    • I’m not really good at making art.
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    What type of music do you like?

    • Dance.
    • Country.
    • Alternative.
    • Punk.
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    Would you make a good social worker?

    • I think so.
    • Yes.
    • No, I don’t have the patience.
    • No, I don’t care about that stuff.
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    Do you want something small?

    • For sure.
    • Maybe at first.
    • No way.
    • It depends.
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    What kind of pain tolerance do you have?

    • I think I can handle pain.
    • I don’t have much.
    • I have a ton of tolerance.
    • I can handle anything, as long as it is quick.
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    How much money do you have to spend?

    • Quite a bit.
    • Hardly any.
    • Money is no object.
    • Not much.
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    How much do you like to freak people out?

    • Not at all.
    • A little.
    • Quite a bit.
    • A lot, it’s my favorite thing.
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    Do you have someone to do it picked out?

    • I think so.
    • I was just going to have anyone with experience do it.
    • Yes, I have someone in mind.
    • I have a shop picked out, but not an artist.
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    Have you had work done before?

    • Well, I have my ears pierced. Does that count?
    • Yes, I’ve had a lot of work done.
    • Yes, a little.
    • No.

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