What star sign do you really belong to?



Year, new existence! That’s the good thing about living you’re given an opportunity to redeem yourself making everything better after nearly anything, including divorce. Go!


However again, let’s say you aren’t really prepared to make things better (relationship-smart) after your divorce at this time? Your buddies keep egging you to definitely place yourself available and begin dressing second-skin dresses that can make Kim Kardashian blush. Your mother, father, your brothers and sisters, kids as well as your cousin from Ohio who doesn’t worry about others but herself said that you’re so ready.


Are you currently really? If you want encouragement from others to begin dating again, you’re most most likely not. Listed here are a couple of more terrible reasons to begin dating again publish-divorce:


You’re bored

Two words: Temple Run. Download this and begin playing. We promise that you will forget what monotony means. You may also require a good shrink to interrupt from farmville. The upside? When you shut it from your existence completely, you will not hurt its feelings since it has none to start with.

“In this lifetime we are like Superman who must remain disguised as the nerdy newspaper journalist Clark Kent, or Harry Potter and his friends who are not allowed to do magic while they are on holiday, away from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry… but even Harry Potter and Clark Kent get to tap into their ‘special powers’ once in a while, especially when the going gets tough.”
― Anthon St. Maarten, Divine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny

“I have a theory that the world is broken up into two kinds of people.”
“Yep. On the one side are the people who love the Harry Pottery books and wish that they could attend Hogwarts and have Ron and Hermione for best friends and vanquish Death Eaters and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.”
She’s smiling at me, and she’s just so fucking cute. I have to ask: “And the other side?”
Aimee shrugs. “Douchebags.”
― Autumn Doughton, In This Moment

“She’d been to Narnia, Wonderland, Hogwarts, Dictionopolis. She had tessered, fallen through the rabbit hole, crossed the ice bridge into the unknown world beyond.”
― Anne Ursu, Breadcrumbs

“All I want to do is be at Hogwarts with you, eating turkey legs in the great hall while listening to the carols of the ghosts gliding past us. Then maybe we can go to Hogsmeade to get a butterbeer.”
― Maria Elena, Eternal Youth

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    What word best describes your personality?

    • Fearless
    • Competitive
    • Analytical
    • Intelligent
  • Question of

    You’ve just been dumped out of the blue – how do you react?

    • I’d call my BFF
    • I’d cry for months and play sad songs on loop
    • I’d march over to them and demand to know what I’d done wrong – and cut up their clothing, obviously…
    • I would try and talk it out
  • Question of

    Describe your love life

    • It’s complicated
    • Um, what love life?
    • Stable and loving
    • It’s pretty inconsistent
    • Passionate
  • Question of

    What makes you happy?

    • Being with my pals
    • Food… and lots of it
    • Fresh air, animals and nature
    • Zoning out in front of the TV
  • Question of

    People complain that I’m…

    • Vain
    • Jealous
    • A perfectionist
    • Aggressive
    • Stubborn
    • Moody
    • Detached
    • Sneaky
    • Clingy
    • Cocky
    • Boring
    • Impatient
  • Question of

    You can only eat one thing for the rest of your life. What would you choose?

    • A spicy Thai Red Curry
    • Crab legs
    • A yummy quinoa salad
    • A steak
    • I’d probably just survive on a diet of gin and tonics
    • All the cake
    • Mmm fish tacos
    • A tasty chicken-based dish
    • Tofu ramen
    • A big ‘ol beef burger
    • Curry goat, rice and peas, and a little plantain
    • Gimme a roast leg of lamb
    • Ugh, I can’t possibly choose one? Can I have two options please?
  • Question of

    Now pick a colour

    • Erm, colour doesn’t actually exist. It’s all down to light, perception and the mind. Let’s argue
    • Red
    • Olive
    • Blue
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Aqua
    • Black
    • Silver
    • Lavender
    • Brown
    • Emerald
    • Purple
  • Question of

    How do you feel about snakes?

    • I bloody love them!
    • Ew. I can’t stand them
  • Question of

    What are you most grateful for?

    • My life
    • My family
    • My money
    • My accomplishments
  • Question of

    What exotic animal would you have for a pet?

    • Lion
    • Deer
    • Fox
    • Hedgehog
  • Question of

    Which planet’s inhabitants would you be interested in seeing?

    • Mars
    • Neptune
    • Venus
    • Saturn
  • Question of

    Which job would you not want to have?

    • Fortune teller
    • Lawyer
    • Accountant
    • Dancer
  • Question of

    Who knows your biggest secrets?

    • My best friend
    • My partner
    • My parents
    • No one
  • Question of

    How good of a cook are you?

    • I can do one or two things.
    • I’m an amazing cook.
    • I can’t even boil water.
    • I’m pretty decent.
  • Question of

    Which time period would you have liked to live through?

    • 1920s
    • Medieval Ages
    • Renaissance
    • Stone Age

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