Quiz: When Will Your Crush Ask You Out?

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    When you flirt with him, he:

    • Has a blank look on his face.
    • Has a big grin on his face.
    • Glares at you.
    • Blushes.
    • More than one of the above.
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    He looks at you…

    • About every 2 seconds and doesn’t even blink!
    • Just two times or three…
    • I don’t think he ever looks at me…
    • Every hour or so.
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    If you ever are homesick, he says…

    • ”I hope you are okay!”
    • ‘If you need anything, just call me.’
    • ”Hey, where were you?”
    • He doesn’t even notice that I am not present.
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    How often does he talk to you?

    • Three times a day or more…
    • Twice a day!
    • Once a day!
    • What? Never…
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    How long are your conversations usually?

    • A couple hours.
    • 15 minutes.
    • A few minutes.
    • We don’t talk.
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    How often does he ask you about yourself?

    • Every single time he can.
    • A couple times every day.
    • A couple times a week.
    • He doesn’t.
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    Did he ever show any sign of sexual attraction towards you, I mean not in stalking way but more like a sensual way?

    • Yeah, I felt that.
    • Maybe yes, I am not actually not sure.
    • Yes, he wanted to make out with me very strongly.
    • No, not at all.
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    Has he ever offered you a ride home? If he has one.

    • Yes! A few times!
    • One time or two.
    • Well, not really cuz he has his whole boys squad with him.
    • No, he doesn’t have a ride.
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    How long have you known him?

    • A few years
    • A couple of months
    • A few days

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