Quiz: Which Elite character would be your boyfriend?

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    How would you describe yourself in school?

    • I was the queen bee. Let’s face it.
    • Top of the class.
    • Sports were my thing.
    • Messy. A full-blown mess.
    • Always in trouble.
    • A joker.
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    You’ve been called to the principal’s office. Why?

    • You got in a fight defending someone else.
    • You skipped class.
    • You were caught taking drugs.
    • You swore at a teacher.
    • You don’t know and it’s giving you anxiety.
    • You would never be called to the principal’s office.
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    What’s your biggest flaw?

    • Flaws? You have no flaws.
    • You self-sabotage.
    • You have a short temper.
    • You don’t stand up for yourself.
    • You can’t focus.
    • You struggle to take responsibility for your mistakes.
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    Choose a school sport to take up?

    • Tennis.
    • Swimming.
    • Athletics.
    • Football.
    • Basketball.
    • Sport is not my thing.
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    Pick a teen drama to watch with your man?

    • Gossip Girl
    • Riverdale
    • On My Block
    • 13 Reasons Why
    • Sex Education
    • Euphoria
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    Plan a date.

    • Netflix and chill with homemade macaroni.
    • Expensive restaurant. Obviously.
    • A trip to the theatre.
    • Romantic walk on the beach.
    • The cinema is good for me.
    • Something active.
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    Would you ever have a threesome?

    • No. There’s no way I could ever.
    • Yes. The more the merrier.
    • Maybe. Depends on who it’s with.
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    What would it take for you to commit murder?

    • If I ever did it, it would be an accident.
    • Someone hurting someone I love.
    • Never. It’s not in my DNA.
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    Do you tend to live for drama or do you shy away from it?

    • Drama is my life!
    • We all need a little drama to spice things up.
    • Ugh, I can’t stand drama.
    • It’s kind of overrated but exciting at the same time.
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    What nickname would your friends give you in the ‘Elite’ world?

    • ‘Marchioness Blondie’
    • ‘Polito’
    • ‘Rebe’
    • ‘Samu’
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    Which of these enemies in the show sends chills down your spine?

    • Nano
    • Pablo
    • Lu
    • Guzmán
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    Has anyone ever called you ‘high-maintenance’ before?

    • Totally, but I embrace it!
    • Yes, but I’m not too high-maintenance.
    • Nope, that word isn’t in my vocabulary.
    • Nope, but I have my off days sometimes.
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    How would you get into Las Encinas?

    • My academics would earn me a scholarship.
    • My family connections would get me in.
    • I’d work a job to help my family pay for it.
    • By sheer luck!
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    Underneath your public exterior, you’re actually …

    • A kind-hearted person with feelings
    • An angry person with stored emotions
    • A tough person who values logic over emotions
    • An honorable person who values everyone equally
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    Which of these ‘Elite’ items is more valuable in your opinion: the red watch or the trophy?

    • The red watch
    • The trophy
    • Neither one seems super important.
    • Both seem valuable to me.

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