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Ronald Bilius Weasley’s name refers to his status as Harry’s sidekick.

Ron’s name very much defined his personality and position in the books. The name “Ronald” is an anglicized name derived from the Old Norse name “Rögnvaldr,” which refers to a ruler’s adviser. Whereas “Weasley,” it sounds a lot like “weasel,” which isn’t a popular animal, which is sort of like Ron’s personality. The not so popular boy who is the sidekick of the boy who lived.

Hermione Jean Granger’s name is more a reflection of her parents than her own personality.

The name “Hermione” was taken from William Shakespeare’s “A Winter’s Tale”. Rowling told the readers that her name was a reflection of her parent’s personality, a pair of dentists who wanted to showcase their wit.

Whereas “Granger” is a somewhat common English and French name, an occupational name that refers to a farm worker who dealt with grain. It is said that Rowling also considered the name “Puckle” as Hermione’s last name which means “devil” but we all can agree that Hermione was not even close to that.

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  • Question of

    It’s your first day in the pods. What are you wearing?

    • A cute dress
    • Sweatpants
    • The sexiest dress I own
    • I don’t think it matters
  • Question of

    How long before you want to get engaged?

    • 36 minutes
    • At least 3 days
    • I’ll decide at the last second
    • When the timing is right – I don’t want to rush
  • Question of

    You’re meeting your fiancé for the first time – do looks

    • Obviously!
    • I don’t care if he looks like a troll, I love him
    • If he has a good personality, I might see past it
  • Question of

    It’s Mexico time: what’s your ideal first date?

    • The beach
    • A romantic dinner
    • Going in the hot tub
    • Just chatting with the love of my life
  • Question of

    You’re meeting the parents – what is the worst thing you could do?

    • Give your dog a glass of wine
    • Do an impromptu rap for their parents
    • Mark your territory
    • I’m getting married to a stranger – nothing embarrasses me!
  • Question of

    How are you celebrating your bachelorette?

    • In the club with my girlfriends
    • I don’t like a fuss
    • A nice dinner and movie
    • Drunk texting my ex
  • Question of

    Choose your wedding dress!

    • The bigger the better
    • You’ll find me in lace
    • Nice and simple
    • Showing off in short
  • Question of

    Wedding bells are ringing? Are you going through with it?

    • Of course! I’m in love!
    • I’m having second thoughts but I’m too embarrassed to back out
    • I’ll do a runner when it’s time
    • I’m calling it off in private
  • Question of


    • A cute dress
    • Sweatpants
    • The sexiest dress I own
    • I don’t think it matters
  • Question of

    What’s your ideal first date?

    • Coffee or some other setting where we can get to know one another.
    • Something special that they planned with me in mind.
    • Hot air balloons. And concerts. Maybe a road trip.
    • Classic dinner and a movie are fine.
  • Question of

    What would you say is your best quality?

    • I’m a great relationship-builder.
    • I care deeply about others.
    • I’m excited about life.
    • I’m logical and great at planning.
  • Question of

    Which trait is most important to you in a partner?

    • Willingness to put in effort
    • Thoughtfulness
    • A sense of adventure
    • Rational decision-making
  • Question of

    It’s time to meet your partner’s family for the first time. How are you feeling?

    • I’m nervous; it’s important to me that we have a good relationship.
    • I’m okay; I’d do anything for my partner.
    • I’m good! I love meeting new people.
    • I’m okay. We’ve been planning this for a while so I could brace myself.
  • Question of

    Which physical aspect is most attractive to you in a partner?

    • Arms
    • Eyes
    • Smile
    • Shoulders
  • Question of

    How do you want to spend your first anniversary with your partner?

    • Going back and repeating our first date
    • It doesn’t matter, as long as they’ve planned something thoughtful.
    • On a new, crazy adventure!
    • A quiet, classic celebration together is fine.

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