QUIZ: Which Guy From Mamma Mia 2 Would Be Your Baby Daddy?



4. Remove communication barriers.

Communication is what leads to understanding which is the foundation of every relationship. If there are any barriers in communication then there will be obstacles in comprehending things. In order to remove such barriers it is necessary to be aware of the preferred mode of communication of your partner.

5. Practice emotional attainment.

When you communicate, you need to make sure that you not just listen to what the person is saying but comprehend their emotions. By doing that you will be aware of whether the person is upset, stressed or angry and figure out the reason behind why the are saying what they are saying. You can do so by noticing their tone, voice, words they use, body languages and gestures they make.


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  • Question of

    Which member of Donna and the Dynamos do you connect with on a spiritual level the most?

    • Queen Donna
    • The iconic Tanya
    • The good sis Rosie
  • Question of

    What’s your current relationship status?

    • Free and single, babes. Free and single.
    • I’m actually taken… I don’t really know why I’m taking this quiz.
    • Depends on who’s asking?
    • It’s complicated.
    • All bets are off when you’re in Greece, tbh.
    • I have a crush on someone in particular… but we’re not a thing.
  • Question of

    What ABBA song would you absolutely SMASH at karaoke:

    • Super Trouper… OBVIOUSLY
    • Dancing Queen
    • Chiquitita
    • Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
    • The Winner Takes It All
    • Take A Chance On Me
  • Question of

    Which Hollywood Chris do you wish would take a chance on you?

    • Pine
    • Pratt
    • Evans
    • Hemsworth
    • Messina
    • Rock
  • Question of

    Choose your favourite incarnation of Cher:

    • Sonny and Cher Cher
    • If I Could Turn Back Cher
    • Do you believe in life after Cher?
    • Chad Michaels
    • Burlesque Cher
    • Ruby CHERidan
  • Question of

    The toughest question of all… Would you rather?

    • Be best friends with Tanya?
    • Be best friends with Rosie?
  • Question of

    You’ve decided to quit your job and go travelling… Where do you go?

    • Backpacking in Thailand
    • Island hopping in Greece
    • Campervan tour of Australia and New Zealand
    • Trekking in South America
    • Interrailing in mainland Europe
    • Road trip across the US

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