Quiz: Who Is Your Celebrity Crush?

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    What do you find attractive when it comes to hair?

    • Long, dark hair
    • Anything as long as it looks natural
    • I like men who can pull off a range of hairstyles
    • I don’t really care about their hair
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    If you had to pick an actor who was playing one of these roles, who do you think you’d find more attractive?

    • A dancer
    • A rich school girl
    • A pirate
    • A damsel in distress
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    How famous do you want your celeb crush to be?

    • Very famous
    • Quite famous
    • Not that famous
    • I really don’t care
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    What age group do you want your crush to be?

    • 20s
    • Early to mid-30s
    • I quite like the older men/women so wouldn’t mind if they were 40s or 50s
    • Age doesn’t matter to me
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    What do you usually find attractive?

    • A sexy brunette
    • A pretty blonde
    • A manly, muscular guy
    • A quirky, charming man
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    Do people have to be toned and muscular for you to find them attractive?

    • Yes
    • No
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    True or false: sense of humour is important to me.

    • True
    • False
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    True or false: I think shy is cute.

    • True
    • False
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    Do you mind if your celebrity crush is married? (Let’s face it, it’s a fantasy anyway!)

    • I don’t mind
    • I do mind
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    Do you like conventionally pretty people?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Where do you hope your boyfriend takes you this weekend?

    • To PARTY!
    • To dinner and a movie
    • To a rock concert
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    Which of the following could be a deal-breaker for you?

    • A guy with no sense of humor
    • A guy who acts like a dork
    • A guy with a bad attitude
    • A guy with no sensitive side
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    Which physical feature do you notice first in a guy?

    • Eyes
    • Teeth
    • Abs
    • Smile
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    Your perfect man is going to have to learn to accept your…

    • Serious, contemplative nature
    • Lack of spontaneity
    • Silly sense of humor
    • Jealousy
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    What’s your type?

    • Nice guy
    • Rebel
    • Artist
    • Playboy

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