Quiz: Who Is Your Ideal Partner?

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    What is your hair color?

    • Blonde
    • Light brown
    • Spunky, different colors, like with blue or pink highlights…
    • Red/orange
    • Very dark; Black, you could say
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    It’s Friday night. What will you do?

    • Gotta study for finals.
    • Get a bunch of friends and PARTY!
    • I wanna spend time with my partner.
    • Meet up with some friends at the high school. Smoke some stuff and graffiti
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    What’s your favorite song genre?

    • Classical? I don’t know…
    • Pop or techno! Something I can dance to.
    • Hip-hop, probably. Something smutty?
    • Rock!
    • No specific genre, just anything about love.
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    What’s your favorite book genre?

    • Hahaha…That’s funny…Reading. LOL
    • Something nonfiction!
    • Fantasy
    • Adventure/action
    • Romance
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    What is your favorite color?

    • Black; dark colors
    • Neon colors! Like neon green, blue, orange, and yellow!
    • Blue/green/purple
    • Red/orange/pink
    • I like all colors
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    What’s your job?

    • Lawyer/business
    • Unemployed and plan on staying that way
    • Artist/writer
    • Dancer (whatever kind)
    • Stay-at-home parent or spouse
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    Relationship status?

    • Single. Gotta get around to everybody
    • Married or want to so bad
    • I am single, I don’t really worry about that.
    • Single; Hopeless romantic.
    • I have a bf/gf
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    What’s your favorite hairstyle?

    • Guys: Just have it plain and short.
    • Guys: Mohawk/faux hawk.
    • Guys: Medium.
    • Guys: Long.
    • Guys: Medium length, sideswept.
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    Who have you been attracted to in the past?

    • People who have academic dreams
    • Everybody!
    • Anyone good looking
    • Someone who knows me and appreciates me
    • No one really
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    Would you rather date someone who is funny or intelligent?

    • Ideally, both
    • Intelligent
    • Funny
    • Neither one are that important to me
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    What’s one flaw about a person that you can’t forgive?

    • Someone who is way too shy
    • Someone who has a big ego
    • Someone who isn’t that smart
    • Someone who doesn’t have a great work ethic
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    Where would you ideally like to go on a first date with someone?

    • Movies
    • Library
    • Internet cafe
    • Restaurant
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    Do you prefer short or long-term relationships?

    • Short-term relationships
    • Somewhere in the middle
    • It depends on who I’m dating.
    • Long-term relationships
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    How would you rate your experience level in the dating world?

    • Expert
    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
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    What does love really mean to you?

    • A strong physical connection between two people
    • It can’t be described in words.
    • Laughing and having fun
    • A strong emotional connection

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