Quiz: How well do you remember Life is beautiful?

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    How does Guido first meet Dora?

    • They bump into each other at the movies
    • She falls off the upper level of the barn and lands on him
    • He falls off his bike and onto her
    • He serves her at his uncle’s hotel
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    What does he say to her?

    • ‘Buon appetito!’
    • ‘Buon giorno bella donna!’
    • ‘Buon giorno Principessa!’
    • ‘Ciao bella!’
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    What does Guido call Dora’s fiance?

    • The rat
    • The snake
    • The idiot who tripped me
    • The jerk the eggs fell on
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    What is the name of uncle Eliseo’s horse?

    • Figaro
    • Pinocchio
    • Robin Hood
    • Black Beauty
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    When Guido asks his uncle why he didn’t cry for help when the ‘barbarians’ were robbing him, what is his response?

    • An absence of sound does not mean there are no screams
    • I didn’t want to stir up anymore trouble
    • Silence is the most powerful cry
    • I couldn’t be bothered
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    What composer does Guido go to see at the theatre, knowing Dora will be in the audience as well?

    • Carmina Burana
    • Offenbach
    • The Magic Flute
    • Aida
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    Who paints ‘Achtung! Cavallo ebreo’ on Eliseo’s horse?

    • Marxists
    • Guido
    • Nazi sympathizers
    • Zionists
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    Why does Dora get sent to the concentration camp?

    • She chooses to go
    • She is Jewish
    • She married a Jew
    • She spits in the face of a Nazi
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    Who does Guido recognize at the camp?

    • Ferrucio
    • Dr. Lessing
    • Bartolomeo
    • Mr. Carvacio
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    What does Guido tell Giosue he’ll win if they get 1000 points?

    • Freedom
    • A tank
    • A German Shepherd
    • A Volkswagen
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    Is Guido able to translate the German soldier’s instructions?

    • Yes
    • No
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    What does Giosue refuse to do, which ends up saving his life?

    • Shine the soldiers’ boots
    • Play with the German children
    • Shower
    • Wash his hands
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    What does Giosue hear they make out of the Jews who are killed?

    • Candles and paper
    • Coats and scarves
    • Shoes and belts
    • Soap and buttons
  • Question of

    Who dies in the film?

    • Guido and Eliseo
    • Eliseo
    • Guido
    • Dora
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    Who finds Giosue at the end of the film?

    • An Italian soldier
    • An American soldier
    • A German soldier
    • Guido

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