Rate These Harry Potter Characters To Be Matched With A Wizarding Profession!

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    Rate Professor Dumbledore.

    • My favorite character!
    • I liked him originally but not so much towards the end
    • He was okay I guess
    • I hated him
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    Rate Harry Potter.

    • He was the best
    • He was only okay
    • So annoying
    • He shouldn’t have been the protagonist
  • Question of

    Rate Neville Longbottom.

    • Loved him
    • Didn’t mind him
    • He was so boring
    • He was such a wimp
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    Rate Ron Weasley.

    • He was awesome
    • He wasn’t bad
    • Not a huge fan
    • Didn’t like him at all
  • Question of

    Rate Hermione Granger.

    • The best!
    • A know-it-all
    • So annoying
    • Hated her
  • Question of

    Rate Xenophilius Lovegood.

    • Awesome
    • Truly unique character
    • Weird but kind of cool
    • Traitor
  • Question of

    Rate Viktor Krum.

    • He was cool
    • He wasn’t bad
    • Don’t know much about him
    • Didn’t like him
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    Rate Professor Trelawney.

    • Love her!
    • A truly special character
    • She was so weird
    • I don’t know how I feel about her
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    Rate Nymphadora Tonks.

    • She was amazing
    • She was alright
    • I don’t even remember her
    • She was the worst
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    Rate Professor Snape.

    • By far the best character in the series!
    • Cool I guess
    • Didn’t like him initially but warmed up to him in the end
    • Hated him with a passion
  • Question of

    Rate Sirius Black.

    • Loved him!
    • He was alright
    • Didn’t like him all that much
    • Wasn’t too sad to see him gone…
  • Question of

    Rate Seamus Finnigan.

    • He was cool
    • Alright
    • Can’t even remember him
    • Way too annoying
  • Question of

    Rate Rufus Scrimgeour.

    • Pretty awesome
    • Okay
    • Can’t remember him
    • Ugh…
  • Question of

    Rate Romilda Vane.

    • She’s cool
    • Average
    • So annoying
    • Pass
  • Question of

    Rate Rita Skeeter.

    • Queen
    • I liked how devious she was…
    • No opinion
    • Hated her!

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